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Why Shea Butter is so good!

Even the name itself conjures up images of fluffy, creamy looking bits of goodness, which in essence once it has been removed from the seed and kneaded
is what the raw ingredient looks like.

Shea Butter is a tried and tested ingredient that has proven itself to have many skin and hair benefits.

Extracted from the seed of the fruit that grows on the Karite tree, this superfood skin ingredient has been used in some countries for thousands of
years. Cleopatra readily accepted the gifts of clay pots of Shea Butter fully aware of the exceptional qualities this valuable commodity possessed
to protect her skin from the severe winds and sun of Egypt.

In particular Shea butter is extremely therapeutic, helping to heal cracked, aged and damaged skin. It contains Vitamins A and E, has strong moisture retaining
abilities and can calm red and inflamed skins due to its high Cinnamic acid content. Cinnamic Acid is a substance essentially like cinnamon, it binds
to other ingredients and possess powerful healing qualities.

The beauty of Shea Butter is its versatility, not only is it great for skin, but it can also be used as a shaving cream, for sunburn, as a lip balm, in
the management of sinusitis and nasal congestion even muscle soreness and in food preparations, like chocolate.

If you’re looking for MiSMo products that include this exceptional ingredient, try Anti-Wrinkle Cream,
Nourishing Cream and Eye Cream Complex.

For these products in particular Shea Butter acts as a rich emollient that lubricates and increases the elasticity of the skin. As an added bonus
according to recent research completed by The National Centre for Biotechnology Information, Shea Butter has also been found to help boost collagen
supplies, so the anti-aging benefits of these products in particular are even better with the power of Shea Butter included.

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