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What Can Hydradermabrasion Do For My Skin?

In conjunction with a great skincare range and routine, incorporating a professional treatment regularly can also help to improve your skin’s health. They
can also be especially helpful in combating and controlling skin conditions like acne and Rosacea, and are something to consider if you are experiencing
more breakouts than usual.

A treatment that is ideal for problematic skins is called Hydradermabrasion. But don’t think this treatment is just for this type of skins only, it can
also be helpful for mature skins as it has some fantastic anti-aging benefits too.

In a nut shell, Hydradermabrasion exfoliates and extracts impurities (like blackheads and whiteheads and it does this pain-free and quite quickly).
It also thoroughly cleanses, hydrates and then treats the skin with a serum that provides antioxidant protection (that’s where the anti-aging magic
happens). To give you an idea of what we mean by antioxidant protection MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel would
be perfect for the hydration and ACE Vitamin C serum for the antioxidant protection. (There are some salons who do use these products in this treatment).

Hydradermabrasion essentially gives you the
absolute ultimate exfoliation and leaves your skin feeling exceptionally clean, refined, hydrated and buffed.

So what exactly does this mean for certain types of skins and skin conditions?

For mature skins, Hydradermabrasion can assist with minimising fine lines and wrinkles, boost the production of collagen and nourish dry skins enormously.

A great benefit for Rosacea skin, is this treatment offers a gentle exfoliation without irritation. The skin is then infused with antioxidants specifically
for Rosacea.

For acne and oily type skin, the dead skin layer is exfoliated so trapped oils are released. Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads is much easier when
the skin is so soft.

If you’re suffering from Acne or Rosacea,
we have some comprehensive information on our website, which includes MiSMo product recommendations and suggested skin care routines to follow. Click
HERE to read more about Acne information and HERE to read more about Rosacea information.


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