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The Science Of Mismo

In case you didn’t already know, the MiSMo Skin Care range was developed out of a need to find skincare that did not exacerbate a skin condition called
Rosacea. Irene McDonald, founder of MiSMo Body Care was diagnosed with Rosacea around the age of 40. Finding it extremely difficult to source skincare
that she could use Irene began to research and create her own skin preparations.

Through a chance meeting, Irene was introduced to the supplement MSM (Organic Sulphur)
which after further research she discovered had some very beneficial and effective qualities for calming and soothing skin conditions like Rosacea.
Not to mention strong anti-aging qualities too, MSM softens and smooths skin which assists with reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

MSM, as you probably already know, is the star ingredient of the MiSMo range. This health supplement was the first piece of the MiSMo Skin care
puzzle and little did Irene know then that by incorporating MSM she was already at the forefront of innovative skincare.

Subsequently, further research established certain ingredients that possessed scientifically proven results which were then handpicked and included
into the range. In addition to MSM, Vitamins A, B3, C and E, fruit and nut oils, botanicals and butters and Aloe Vera, together with speciality
actives Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl and Synthe 6 were specially chosen for the MiSMo range.

Fast forward to today, 10 years on and the MiSMo Skincare range is still on trend and continuing to meet ever changing customer expectations.

MiSMo has meticulously followed the advances in skincare (due to medical research) and has applied this when formulating the MiSMo range.

In particular, MiSMo’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream includes two key ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C that the likes of Dr Oz and Kristy Brinkley tout as game changes for anti-aging. MiSMo’s
Anti-Aging range are formidable opponents when it comes to anti-aging and produce visible results in a very short time.

Continuous innovation has led to an ever expanding MiSMo range and a philosophy to slow the ageing process with a little help from nature fused
with science. The extensive skin care range also includes natural pain relief products, which again feature MSM. MSM has also been well documented
to improve conditions such as arthritis, pain, rheumatism and is also beneficial for general health.


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