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The Low Down on Exfoliation

The skin rejuvenates itself regularly although the natural skin cell turnover varies as you age . It takes just 2 weeks for babies and three to four weeks
for teenagers. Once past your teens, your skin generally renews itself once a month (about every 30 to 40 days) but gets considerably slower after
50, renewing itself only 45 to 90 days.

When skin cells die they don’t fall off, they stay on your skin. We need to encourage cell turnover. This not only removes the dead skin cells but encourages
new healthy cell renewal. If left uncheck, skin can become dull looking and clogged which in turn leads to breakouts. Even worse, the beautiful serums
or moisturisers that you are using are not able to do their job effectively as the build up of dead skin cells prevents all of the nutrients from reaching
the skin.

Exfoliating once to twice a week will help with the healthy cell renewal. The key is to using an exfoliant that includes an exfoliant ingredient that
is a spherical shape that won’t damage and scratch the skin barrier. Rice or bamboo powder are both excellent choices. Both will effectively remove
dead skin cells while in addition to this bamboo powder will also polish the skin.

Most importantly too, you want to choose an exfoliant ingredient that is environmentally friendly and avoid Microbeads which are detrimental to our
waterways and do not break down. Both rice and bamboo powder are safe to use and are biodegradable.

When doing your weekly exfoliation make sure to include your neck and hands in your regime also. Often these parts of the body are forgotten even though
they are still subject to the same amount of environmental damage as your face. Even your arms and legs can be included too, in fact if you have waxed
or shaved exfoliating can help reduce the discomfort of any ingrown hairs.

Exfoliating regularly can also be beneficial for problematic skin conditions like Rosace and Acne – helping to keep on top of the build up of dead skin
cells associated with the skin condition Rosacea and assisting with preventing and controlling breakouts for acne skins.

MiSMo offers two exfoliant options. Natural Face Exfoliator and MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream.
Natural Face Exfoliator uses rice powder as its choice of exfoliant ingredient and will effectively slough off dead skin cells gently.

If you are looking for a deeper exfoliation then MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream offers just that. Further to this, the innovative formulation will help
to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, ensure silky smooth skin, even skin tone and will allow for deeper penetration of moisturisers and serums.







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