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Blog post on Vitamin A from Mismo

The Excellent Benefits of Vitamin A for Skin Health

There are many vitamins that are used in skincare preparations to help improve skin’s health, one in particular that plays a very important role is Vitamin A.
So what does Vitamin A help with exactly?

Restoring Sun Damaged Skin Back To Health

A lack of Vitamin A in the skin leads to skin looking aged and tired. By regularly (I mean daily) replenishing our skin with Vitamin A, will help to lessen the effects of issues like sun damage, pigmentation and essentially ageing.

Improves The Skin Barrier

Vitamin A, also known as Vitamin A Palmitate or Retinyl Palmiate, helps with cell growth and production. It’s basically what helps keep skin firm. If there is a lack of Vitamin A this can lead to weakened skin tissue that may result in lack lustre skin that can become dry.

Skin Rejuvenator

This ingredient is a remarkable skin rejuvenator. It helps to thicken skin tissue, something that is very beneficial for any ageing skin. Vitamin A is an all-round savior for skin health and can help to make skin look radiant and healthy.

If you’re looking to start incorporating this wonderful Vitamin into your daily skincare then choose from MiSMo’s  ACE Vitamin C Serum (a treatment serum every person should have! This serum combines Vitamin A with C & E  in the correct proportions to produce a highly effective and potent anti-aging serum); New Age Moisturiser and New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen.

New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen in particular is a great choice, given it also includes a natural sun protection factor which is integral in helping prevent any further Vitamin A deficiency. (Vitamin A deficiency is a result of too much sun exposure).

New Age Moisturiser contains the highest amount of MSM (Source of Organic Sulphur) while also including Vitamin A, Aloe Vera and Hyluronic Acid plus many more, which makes this moisturiser extremely beneficial to your skin’s health.


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