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The Best Weapon in The War Against Acne

Some of us are at war. The battlefield is our face, where an invading army (or even just a sole assassin) has taken up camp in order to ruin the scenery
– our beauty. These unwanted soldiers are better known as pimples, zits, spots, blemishes or comedones. But we have a battle plan, and word is spreading
because the tide of the war is turning in our favour. With this plan, and our secret weapon, victory against this menace is achievable.

STEP 1. Know your enemy and attack their home base

Do a recon mission. Find out the likely cause of your invasion. Attack accordingly. Perhaps you have too much sugar in your diet (and remember that carbohydrates
are sugars too!). Cut it back. Maybe you’ve changed medications. See your doctor. Still smoking? Quit or smoke less. Under a lot of stress? Change
your situation or take up meditation. It may not be one of these – scour the internet and learn about the different causes of acne – one may strike
a chord.

STEP 2. Keep it clean

Keep your battlefield clean. Don’t leave any dirt around for the enemy to hide behind. Cleanse daily with an oil-free cleanser such as Daily Face Wash,
and exfoliate every 2-3 days to ensure that dead skin cells are not left lying around to clog up your pores. Wash your pillowcase and towel regularly.
Keep your hair away from your face. Avoid touching your face during the day.

STEP 3. Unleash the secret weapon

We’re not going nuclear, we’re going natural. They’ll never see it coming. Blemish Gel can be applied directly on to the invading forces to inspire
them to flee, without damaging or drying your skin (yes, oily skin can become dehydrated!). The blueprints for the weapon are as follows:™ – A botanically derived ingredient that targets 4 areas that lead to acne: excess oil, excess shedding of skin cells, bacteria,
and inflammation

Hyaluronic acid – A super hydrator used in the top moisturisers around the world

MSM – A natural anti-inflammatory which softens the skin and helps slough off dead cells

Organic aloe vera – Helps to regenerate healthy cells

Vitamin B3 (Nicatinamide) – An anti-inflammatory which helps to kill bacteria, strengthen the skin barrier and work towards anti-ageing

Vitamin B3 (Panthenol) – Helps to break down sebum (when your natural oils form a plug and block the pores)

Vitamin E – Moisturising, anti-oxidant

Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) – Helps to heal and control breakouts

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