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MiSMo Natural Skincare Testimonials

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"Our Cosmetic Laser Clinic at Jasmine House, Byron Bay has a long standing reputation for achieving the best possible results, and the addition of MiSMo skin care range has been a large step forward in our quest for excellence. Unlike most cosmetic products, MiSMo actually helps reverse the skin’s ageing process, not just applying camouflage to hide the problem. Our signature procedure - Anti Ageing Infra-Red Photorejuvenation - gives excellent results, but is so much more spectacular when combined with MiSMo treatments. We have the choice of any skin care products on the world market but we chose MiSMo."
Dr John Glascott

“GrayClay is a recognised leader in Cosmetic Medical Education and therefore must ensure that every facet of the business consistently meets quality standards. Having both professional and student clinics as part of the College we require a quality product that not only meets the needs of our clients but also the clinical standards of active cosmeceuticals. MiSMo has consistently led the way in results, quality and pricing; an outstanding product backed by an outstanding team.”
Jacqueline Clayton, CEO GrayClay

Irene and the girls at Mismo definitely know what they are doing and have a product that is absolutely amazing. They are friendly, nice and very easy to deal with.
I have had a bad neck for years now and in pain daily and nothing has eased the pain. Though the postural issues still exist, the pain is gone and feeling so much better from using the Magnesium/MSM.
Anyone in pain, i recommend this product and can't explain enough how good it is!!

Thanks to Mismo and this amazing product I have my life back.

Thanks. :-) 
Greg Lang, CEO Ignator Solutions Parrearra

Absolutely in love with Mismo. I have been stocking it in my salon for about 6 months now and I haven't looked back. I actually have PCOS and have for many years, so i suffer from harsh acne. Since using Mismo, you would never of guessed I have ever had acne. The daily face wash, then the blemish gel daily on my skin has made my skin flawless. I also love the MSM powder, helps with my acne, my sore legs and joints from standing all day. Thank you for such a beautiful flawless product. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Candice, Belle Lueur Lash & Beauty

"Over the past few years that I have been using MiSMo products my skin has never been in such good condition. Modelling is very tough on my skin but make-up artists constantly comment on its appearance and ask which moisturiser I use. Cleanser, Cell soother, Rejuvenating Gel and Nourishing Cream make up my daily beauty routine and I never leave to work abroad without taking enough to last me."
Hermione Cahill, International Cover Girl

I have had many expensive treatments such as Chemical Peels with a Plastic surgeon (3 in total) and laser. I found the laser actually made my skin look worse. I have desperately tried to find something to fix my scars and had given up hope. I experienced very bad depression after this. I always look on the internet for possible fixes. I came across someone overseas that said MSM actually got rid of her rolling scars. I tried to buy the brand she recommended overseas but they will not ship it here. I finally found your website. I didn't feel any tingling and always have with other products. I always assumed the tingling meant it was working and must admit I was sceptical to start with. Your products are so gentle and made my skin feel and look better each day that went past. My scars have smoothed out and my skin looks tighter. I'm not embarrassed about people looking at my skin anymore. I'm so happy with the appearance of my skin after using your products. I have not been using them for very long and am looking forward to seeing the results over a longer period of time. You may pick apart any of these sentences I have also used and use them for your testimonial. I will be telling everyone how wonderful your product is :). Looking forward to receiving my products soon,
Samantha Gaul

"I recently purchased a MiSMo Moisturiser as having known the benefits of the mineral MSM in the body I was fascinated about its benefits on the skin. Having a dry mature skin I only use the VERY BEST the industry has to offer and I have high expectations of my skincare. Being a relatively inexpensive product I was not sure what to expect but curiosity got the better of me. Within a week of use I noticed a softening of my fine lines around my eyes, but more importantly I was very impressed with the long-lasting hydration levels of my skin when using this product. I certainly will be buying it again"
Tina Viney Editor Australian Aesthetic Journal

"I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with your serum (Rejuvenating Gel). I am amazed at how quickly the changes have showed up on my skin and my friends are constantly commenting. My skin is more hydrated and softer and the redness has diminished. The serum has now become a vital step in my skin care regime. Occasionally I might forget to use some products, but I never forget to use my Rejuvenating Gel"
Marion Farmer, CEO Minerelle, Mineral Makeup

"I AM IN LOVE!!.....................With this skincare range! It is by far the best skincare range I have ever used!! I love it, love it love it!! So please, don't ever stop producing it!! I've only been using this range for about 3 months and my skin has never looked back! I have received compliment after compliment. The most common being "Wow! You look great, what are you doing?" "Whatever it is, don't stop!" And let me tell you that at almost 48 and a half years of age comments like those boost my confindence and self-esteem no end! So thank you, thank you, thank you for developing these most wonderful products."
Vanessa Soutar

"During the trials for Rejuvenating Gel I realized I had left the house without makeup. The serum gave me a new confidence."
Angela W, Mansfield

"After only 4 days of using Rejuvenating Gel, my skin was definitely plumper. I was amazed at how quickly this happened. I love the way my skin feels and looks. Rejuvenating Gel is now a permanent part of my skin care routine."
Sandra M, Sheldon

"Recently I used Efudex cream to treat skin cancers on my face. I experienced a nasty reaction with swelling and redness – bad enough not to want to leave the house. After using Rejuvenating Gel there was a marked improvement within hours. The redness and swelling decreased and within 2 days my skin looked great. "
Maureen B, Caloundra

"Having finished my trial supply of Rejuvenating Gel I am suffering from the withdrawal you warned of. I am still receiving compliments but can’t wait for a new supply of Rejuv. Gel."
Annette MD, Aspley

"After using Rejuvenating Gel my skin is looking younger and fresher than it has for years. The lines around my eyes are less noticeable and my skin texture has definitely improved. My skin is holding its moisture and therefore I am having to use less moisturiser to obtain great results."
Elaine McG. Redlands

"On two occasions I’ve left the house believing I’d already put on foundation, only to remember later that I hadn’t. Any product that makes 47 year old skin with sun damage and chicken pox scarring look that good is worth its weight in gold."
Cathy H, Carindale.

"Dear MiSMo Last year my daughter suffered from an outbreak of pimples visible and blind, she is 16 and up until then her skin had always been quite good, then nothing we did seemed to make any difference, she saw the doctor and was eventually put on some script medicated creams and cleanser this seemed to make her skin dry and made the problem worse, she was very upset and they were painful, I searched the internet for suggestions eventually I went to our local skin specialist and they suggested your product I phoned and was advised to try a sample pack an outlay of 15 dollars nothing compared to what we had already tried and thrown out, as soon as she started using MiSMo her skin calmed and within a week she was looking much better I booked her in for a steam and facial massage and she was cured after months of problems, I can't recommend your product highly enough we are all return buyers thanks"
Noelle Maxwell

"My skin has been particularly challenging for a number of years. Several of my friends have commented on how much better my skin has been looking. The only change has been the MiSMo serum (Rejuvenating Gel) so obviously I can't be without it."
Sue M, Cooroy

"I have been using the MiSMo products for personal use and in my Salon for almost 3years, and have been most impressed with the quality of the ingredients as well as the results. It is an uncomplicated yet scientifically researched product range, packed with active ingredients that benefit the skin. It is rare indeed to find such high quality at an affordable price that also produces results. I am completely confident using and recommending MiSMo to all my clients."
Helen K, Essential Elegance.

"As a woman in her early forties with four children and full time employment it is so important to have the easiest skin regime possible and that is what MiSMo offers.
Since I have been using the MiSMo range I have received several compliments about my skin and therefore people question 'my real age'.
I also love the way that my foundation and make up products glide onto my moisturised skin and simply cannot go a day without MiSMo. Congratulations on a terrific product."
Susan M, Camp Hill

"Only a week after beginning to follow the recommended MiSMo daily skin care routine, several people remarked on how "fresh" my skin looked and one of my sons actually thought that I was wearing foundation when I wasn't -- and this was at the height of summer!"
Marilyn H, Noosa

"I occasionally suffer from a painful and itchy skin condition around my eyes. Having tried prescription cortisone cream and other topical applications without success I tried the MiSMo Cell Soother. The pain and itching cleared up immediately and the irritation went away within 48 hours. I am amazed and so grateful for this all natural product."
Fiona M, Sherwood

"As a long time serious psoriasis sufferer, I can’t tell you how happy I am with MiSMo Deep Nourishing Cream and Lotion. I went all winter with no outbreak on my legs and my face has never been so nourished. I have a friend with Rosacea and she has had equally good results."
Maureen B, 65 years.

"I’m never without Cell Soother at home, in the car or at the beach. The kids call it their 'Magic Cream'. Fixes everything."
Joanna M, Greenslopes

"I have been using MiSMo Moisturiser for severe eczema on my face and also sunburnt shoulders and have found it extremely good."
Helen M, Cobden

"On the evening of the day that I had picked up the MiSMo skin care range, my younger son arrived home from work sore and sorry with both legs burned from welding all day in shorts. After a shower, I had him apply the Cell Soother gel to his legs. He immediately felt relief. By morning, all soreness had gone."
Marilyn H, Noosa

"I'm in my late 50's with severe sun damage. Shortly after I began using MiSMo Deep Nourishing Cream people started commenting on the improved appearance of my skin. I’m hooked."
Suzanne M, Sunshine Coast

"Thanks MiSMo for a fantastic range of skin care products. My skin hasn’t looked so good for a very long time. I’ve always had sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions and rashes. Over the past 18 months I’ve had a particular challenge with Acne Rosacea. I’ve tried many products and therapies, none of which have made any real difference. That was until I tried MiSMo.

Since I’ve been using MiSMo, all the redness has calmed down, my skin texture is fine and smooth and it even has a youthful glow, which at my stage of life is very welcome! I still get break outs of acne, but where once it was all over my face, now it’s just the occasional pimple on my chin. The breakouts are healing much faster and are nowhere near as sore.

I would highly recommend this fine range of products. They are luscious to use and are made in an ethical way by people who have integrity.

Thank you Irene and Peter."
Maggie Good, Australia

"I love the Boost and truly am impressed with the product. I am nearly 40 and have never been able to find a moisturiser that suits my skin - and I consider myself to be quite predisposed to skin-care..."
Stuart Langeveldt, Sydney

Dear Irene, Thanks for your advice last week. (I love the microdermabrasion kit!) I have written this email with the idea that you might use it or parts of it as a testimonial.

I am so glad to have been introduced to your products. I have had a severe case of adult onset acne, for which I have used an expensive variety of products ranging from supposedly "gentle" to definitely harsh. The problem became so extreme, and so painful, I resorted to prescription products -- and while they slightly reduced the incidence of acne, they caused a different kind of discomfort while doing so.

I have now been using MiSMo products for about 6 weeks and the improvement in my skin is nothing short of remarkable. I have thrown out my prescription products and my skin no longer hurts. I was dubious that a cream cleanser would be suitable for acne-prone skin, but the cleanser cleanses and purifies without leaving even the slightest residue, and the exfoliator, cell soother and Boost leave my skin feeling smooth and nourished. My older blemish marks are fading and I use the gentle MiSMo blemish gel to prevent new spots.

For people at the end of their wit with acne, it is well worth giving the trial pack a go. You will be hurrying to order your full size products before the trial is up!

Katherine Wickham, University Teacher

I really LOVE the ACE serum, its really quickly absorbed into the skin. I have combination skin with some dehydration and I find that this oil helps to really, soothe & calm my skin especially after a a good scrub! I usually spritz my face with some toner before applying it to give it a bit more "slip" and also help it absorb better. This has help to even out my skin tone, improve the overally texture of my skin and also BRIGHTEN my dull complexion! Which I am thrilled about because I now have some "glow" without the illuminator and when I look into the mirror, it not just blah- it's wow, I actually feel ok with no makeup! This is has also helped with some old acne scarring, reducing the appearance significantly! I'm so happy with the results & I would highly recommend this product as I feel it is BANG for your buck, I've tried numerous high end products that claim similar results only to be dissapointed. Thanks once again!! I will definately be back to try more things! Im really keen on MSM as well.
Alice Tung, Aesthetician

Just thought I would drop you a line about your new product Magnesium Gel Forte. I had used magnesium oil in the past but found a couple of drawbacks. When I applied to the rather damaged skin the back of my hands, it stung very severely (I likened it to jelly fish stings it was so intense at first). That abated it time but I found the feeling of stickiness/saltiness on my skin very unpleasant and I eventually stopped using it. I was disappointed, as I had researched the use of transdermal magnesium and I believed it could be very therapeutic. So when I heard about your new product, I was immediately interested and included some in my recent order. By chance, the very next day (yesterday) when I woke I had an intense pain in my neck (no jokes here) and when I moved it went into incredibly painful spasm. I backed the car out with great difficulty but had to give up the idea of driving as I could not turn my head without bringing on a brain numbing spasm, so negotiating traffic was obviously not possible - and I was also feeling quite ill by this time. Apart from the concern about what was going on in my neck, I began to panic about how I was going to cope with all I had to do over the next week or so. Thoughts of doctors, x-rays and physiotherapists were equally troubling. However that very morning my Mismo parcel arrived. I grabbed the Magnesium Gel Forte and started to massage the painful areas in my neck – it hurt like heck but knowing the potential of the magnesium combined with the MSM I persevered. By the end of the day it was easing and by this morning it was substantially better. It is still painful but continuing to improve, and I can get on with things and drive again. I am confident the quick recovery and pain relief was promoted by the ingredients in the Mismo Gel. The consistency of the product also makes it very easy to massage into the affected areas, and to rub on my skin generally (unlike the magnesium oil). So thanks for this terrific product. I understand it has been a long while in development, but it was worth it. I'll be using this consistently from now on for general magnesium and MSM transdermal absorption and it will be great to have on hand for the type of emergency I have just experienced.
Kay Bowden

I have been a client for several months now, using Rejuvenating Gel, ACE serum, Anti-wrinkle cream & taking oral MSM Powder & have dearly wished to tell you how ecstatic I am with the results. My skin looks & feels great & my painful legs have resolved & I feel more alert & full of vitality! Apart from this, I have passed on your site to several friends & family members. It is very easy to be enthusiastic as people actually say how nice & youthful my skin looks. Thank you so much! My 23yr old daughter is also delighted with your products (that was her Xmas gift!) & is sure to be another loyal customer!
Joyce Aquilina

MSM Powder Testimonials

"Hi I recently purchased your MSM Sulfur and I am amazed at the results i'm getting. This is truely a miracle product.
I  have suffered from back pain for 10 years and after two weeks on MSM I began feeling like I did when I was 15 years old. No pain, lots of energy and very alert.

In the mornings i'm usually at my worst and with strong back pain and fatigue that compounds from the prior days back pain, I drag myself out of bed and spend the next three hours trying to warm up and wake up. The dull ache stays with me all day.
Now i'm getting up feeling no back pain, I spring out of bed,i'm alert, no more fatigue or grumpy behaviour for the first three hours of the day, I can acutally function from the begining to the end of my day. I feel great.
 Its been 6 weeks now and I still cant believe how much it has relieved my back pain not to mention the other benifits. Thank you for such a great product.
Jamie R, Perth WA

I was diagnosed with RA in December 2008, and after unsuccessfully trying natural therapies to treat it found myself in increasing pain and was almost unable to move. I subsequently saw a specialist and was put on Prednisolone and, successively, two other drugs to bring it under control. They did this, but the side effects (psoriasis, loss of hair, severe UV sensitivity) were getting worse. I decided to seek a practitioner who would give me IV vitamin C, but before I could do that my daughter suggested MSM. Well, I haven't looked back. My specialist supported me, wished me luck and said I could stop the drug I was on immediately. My awful skin rash cleared within days. Since last August I feel as though I have my old body back, and my joints just keep improving. I do yoga regularly as well, and it's wonderful.
Jannine Eldred

Hi Irene, I can not believe how great this powder is, it really works, I started with ½ teaspoon daily but now am taking 1 teaspoon daily with a bit of warm water for my internal scar tissue it is wonderful for the inflammation, I just want to say thankyou.
Deanne Dash

Hi Irene, I have a skin condition called Lichen amyloidosis. Its where you get itchy lumps on your skin in the result of scratching your skin. I have had the lumps on my feet, legs, arms and back (much smoother now) and I have been using the MSM powder for about a month and half. Since using the powder i haven't scratched the places where the lumps are on my body. I have had this skin condition since i was about 3 years of age. I take two teaspoons of the powder in the morning and take two teaspoons at night. I also use stuff on my skin for external use which is called Banana Boat after sun spray the cool and hydrate one. You can buy that from most chemists or at most grocery shops. I also use indian barberry and what that call neem which really helps the skin glow and gives you a good complexion. Since i have used these products i have had amazing results and my confidence has soared high. My lumps have really smoothed out. I forgot to add that I don't drink alcohol, eat or drink sweets, smoke cigarettes but its all worth it.

Linton Goodfellow

My husband and I both suffer various joint pain. We have been taking this MSM powder every morning and we were sceptical at first, but wow, this is amazing. Pain has virtually ceased and we wouldn't be with out it. Even took it over seas with us!! Give it a try you won't be disappointed.
S & E Palmer

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