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Rosacea Tips

Rosacea (pronounced roz-a-sha) is a skin condition without a cure but able to be controlled and improved dramatically.

The most noticeable feature of Rosacea is a red face particularly in the t-zone.  Broken capillairies known also as surface veins or spider veins are common to sufferers.  Another curse can be pimples, cysts or acne.  This acne is different to the type common in young people.

 For dramatic improvement in redness, veins and blemishes follow these tips: 





  • IPPL (Intense pulse Laser Light) is an excellent way to remove redness and veins when performed by a competent practioner (ask Doctor about Medicare Rebate)

  • Exfoliate very regularly either with creams containing particles or micro-dermabrasion or hydro-dermabrasion. (rosacea causes extra thick layers of dead cells which lead to blockages and pimples)

  • Use skin products formulated for Rosacea (these must contain ingredients to reduce inflammation, calm, strengthen the skin barrier, heal skin barrier, keep pores clear)

  • Take supplements to help alleviate the symptoms of Rosacea – Vitamin A, MSM Powder, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C Powder)

  • Protect your face from the sun using either mineral makeup for females or sunscreen if tolerated

Rosacea can have a damaging effect on self-esteem and confidence in men and women.  For women it is easy to cover the face.  Mineral makeup is the best development for this.  A small amount of mineral powder which takes a minute to apply is pure magic.

I have had Rosacea for nearly 20 years and suffered the embarrassment of redness and blemishes for at least 15 years.  A wonderful new MiSMo client at the time, a doctor, changed my life 5 years ago.

About 6 sessions, IPLL removed redness and surface veins from my face, which in turn restored my confidence.

Continual research and trialling different ingredients have led to the closest description of a cure that can be achieved.

Recommended Products: Natural Face Cleanser and Daily Face Wash, Natural Face Exfoliator, Rejuvenating Gel, ACE Vitamin C Serum, New Age Moisturiser

For a more comprehensive Rosacea Article


Vitamin A is a favourite ingredient in many skin care products. It is also used in prescription only creams and gels to treat acne and Rosacea.

There is some confusion about Vitamin A and the many forms and strengths available so we will attempt to explain in simple terms.

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin which has many important functions in the body. It assists cells to reproduce, is essential for eye health and plays an important role in the immune system.

The role Vitamin A performs is essential for maintaining and repairing skin tissue by promoting the building of new cells and fighting free radicals.

Part of the confusion stems
from the fact that some people believe vitamin A is just a topical
treatment for acne, which can have side effects. This form of vitamin A
is called tretinoin. It is an acid form of vitamin A, available only by prescription.

Tretinoin cream was originally used
to treat acne, and it is still used for comedonal acne, a form with many
whiteheads and blackheads;

The first studies on
sun-damaged skin were done by an American dermatologist more than 30
years ago. These showed that tretinoin, used as a cream, could also
reverse some of the signs of ageing.

Those who suffer from Rosacea  generally have a chronic deficiency of Vitamin A so the addition through skin care is a good first step. The inclusion of Vitamins C and E in a product will boost the result.

Names of various forms of Vitamin A:

• Vitamin A. A fat-soluble vitamin essential to the human body.

• Retinoid: A collective term for ingredients derived from vitamin A.

Retinoic acid: Also known as tretinoin, this is a prescription only
vitamin A derivative commonly used to treat acne. Side effects include
irritation, dryness, redness, peeling and light sensitivity.

• Tretinoin: Another name for retinoic acid.

Isotretinoin: A prescription only retinoid derivative used to treat
severe acne. Side effects include dryness, sun sensitivity and sometimes

• Retinol: A retinoid used as a skin
revitaliser to treat acne, rosacea and signs of ageing. It can cause
dermatitis when used on sensitive skin for a long time or in too high

• Retinyl palmitate: A retinoid and skin conditioner which is milder than retinoic acid and has fewer potential side effects.

• Retinaldehyde: A mild retinoid which increases skin thickness without causing irritation.

Vitamin A palmitate: An antioxidant and skin “normaliser” which helps
skin to stay plump, boosts collagen and improves thickness and

Vitamin A is keratolytic which means it will remove plugs that block follicles and lead to pimples and acne.

While Retinyl palmitate and Vitamin A palmitate (the 2 forms used by MiSMo) are not as strong as the other forms described above they are still active and deliver visible results. They are also very gentle and do not cause reactions even in sensitive skin types.

The correct mix of Vitamins A, C and E in skin care is ideal because it is skin friendly and penetrates cells. The total combined results far exceed using just one or two vitamins.

PLEASE NOTE: Caution should always be exercised using prescription Vitamin A creams and gels. They are not recommended during pregnancy. Please follow your doctor’s advice.

Over the counter skin care products are far milder than prescription lines.

Rosacea and how to deal with it

Rosacea is a frustrating and difficult condition to deal with. No one chooses to have a face that looks flushed and red. Flushes start occasionally, then last for longer times and then most of the time the face looks red and flushed.

Remember Aunt Mary and her red face!! Rosacea tends to be genetic.

This is the cycle when Rosacea develops. Likewise when you are over 40 or 50 you don’t expect to check the mirror every morning to see if your face is clear or if a pimple, lump or bump has come up overnight – especially when a big outing or event is looming. That is when you can guarantee they will be there. A bit of stress or excitement will do it every time.

The other affliction that tends to arise with Rosacea is visible capillaries or thread veins on the face.

We have a much longer description of Rosacea on a separate page so this is a shorter summary.

You can help the symptoms of Rosacea and the areas that need to be targeted are:

  • Inflammation
  • Hydration and Nourishment of skin
  • Calming the skin
  • Avoiding triggers like sun, wind, cold and some food and beverages
  • Take nutritional supplements

Not everyone suffers from blemishes or visible capillaries, there are degrees and stages of Rosacea. The earlier you are aware of the problem, the better the chance of controlling symptoms so have a read of our Rosacea Treatment and Information article. There are many suggestions and a treatment plan for dealing with Rosacea.

I have this daily battle, although have more wins than losses through following the plan religiously.

Water and Anti Aging

Water is life. Without water we have no life.

Water is the greatest anti ageing tool we have. Without adequate water in the body we dehydrate,  our skin wrinkles and dries out. How much do we take water for granted? And best of all it is free.

Water is a fantastic diet tool but how many people take advantage of, or realise that huge benefit. Drink a glass of water half an hour before meals and you will not eat as much and feel full sooner. Drink another glass 2 hours after eating and the munchies will be reduced.

Often what we interpret as hunger is the body calling out for water – hydration. Try it and see. But wait there’s more. After a couple of weeks of regularly increasing your water intake to 2 litres plus a day  your skin will change too. The tone will be clearer and feel firmer. Next time you start to feel peckish have a glass of water instead.  When you realise you are thirsty the dehydration has already begun so don’t delay.

When drinking  extra water regularly, many people who suffer from redness of the face will see their complexion clearing. There is a very simple reason for this. They are changing the pH in the body from acidic to alkaline.

Coffee, alcohol and soft drinks are all acid beverages. Always drink a glass of water afterward to offset the dehydrating effects.

Last week I was reading an article on Rosacea and it  mentioned that the pH of bottled water is lower (more acidic) than tap water. I tested this on Brisbane water and sure enough that was the case. Anyone I’ve asked has also been ignorant of this little gem. Apparently it is a preservative issue??

Ideally we should drink alkaline water which is 7+ (7.4-7.6 is best).  The bottled water tested was 6.4. With todays fast food diets acid stomachs are becoming the norm  with the associated problems of obesity, diabetes, digestive issues and skin problems.

In terms of pH, 7 is neutral, below 7 acid and over 7 alkaline. To help remember  the difference. Little number = bad little word  – acid. Ideally we drink alkaline water and apply slightly acid products on our face and body. The best place for bottled water is to wash your face with it!

Skin is the largest organ of the body and reflects what is happening in the body.  A beautiful complexion and a healthy body are great companions.

Think twice about regularly drinking bottled water. Apart from being grossly overpriced it is not your best option. Different brands of bottled water do vary but why bother except for occasional convenience, spending money when you can fill a bottle anywhere with healthier water free.

Install a water filter at your home and drink pure healthy water regularly and take a bottle when you go out.

For those who suffer from Rosacea or any skin condition water is one
of  your best friends. Acidity is very common and we can dilute the acid by drinking much more water. Redness will be reduced and toxins will
be expelled from the body more quickly. The colon will thank you too. A clean colon is a less toxic body.

I can’t rave on enough about the benefits of a well hydrated body for anti aging, obesity and best health.

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