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Increase Your Pain Relief With Cell Soother

We speak to many customers weekly who are dealing with pain. Ruth was one of these customers, who recently underwent hip replacement surgery. When we spoke to Ruth we suggested she would get the most pain relief benefits by using Cell Soother followed by Magnesium Gel Forte with MSM and this was her result;

“I have recently had a total hip replacement and yes, it is painful! I asked my partner to massage some of this wonderful gel onto the op site and it gave me a lot of relief, there was no congestion from damaged soft tissue which meant no swelling and less pain. I have also used the Cell Soother prior to applying the Mag Forte Gel and that does enhance the effects again.

I can’t recommend these products enough! Awesome!”

Another customer sprained her ankle while overseas and suffered a great deal of swelling and pain. After applying Cell Soother then Magnesium Gel Forte with MSM the pain was gone within the hour and she was able to continue to enjoy her holiday.

If you’re looking for some extra pain relief benefits then MSM Relief Packs can help with this.

MSM in Skin Care, the Secret to Beautiful Skin

Sulphur is also known as the beauty mineral so sulfur used in skin care is an excellent way to ensure beautiful skin forever.

For many years, over 30 odd years in fact, an organic form of Sulfur (also spelled sulphur) has provided  relief from pain conditions as well as skin problems in a very gentle manner.

People who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and acne will benefit greatly by using creams and gels which contain substantial quantities of MSM.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is an Organic form of Sulfur which is readily available to the body. The molecule is tiny and enters the skin easily. MSM as a source of Organic Sulfur is different to the various forms of elemental sulfur including volcanic and colloidal sulfur.

Sulfur is present in every cell of the body and in all living forms of life. Skin certainly benefits from Sulfur, delivered as MSM, and its excellent anti-aging qualities. Folk who suffer from skin problems such as Acne, pimples, psoriasis, eczema and Rosacea also see fast improvement in their conditions.

MSM can be taken orally and applied to the skin in the form of creams and gels. By using both methods the best results will be achieved.

When MSM is used in Cosmetic creams and gels, the skin softens, becomes smoother and the appearance of the complexion is improved significantly. MSM (Organic Sulfur) makes skin cell walls more permeable and this allows nutrients to enter and toxins to exit. In turn new skin cells are healthier and reproduce more healthy cells, thus improving the condition of the skin. The appearance of lines and wrinkles is greatly reduced.

When MSM is taken orally on a daily basis, the skin on the whole body is softer. This is a great example of feeding the skin from the inside out. MSM is very safe, as safe as water according to strenuous testing. MSM has no relationship to sulphates, sulphites or the drug Sulfur. It is classed as a nutritional or food supplement.

When using MSM orally or in Skin care scar tissue is greatly improved. MSM helps prevent the cross linking of collagen the major cause of scarring. Visible scar tissue forms when cross linking occurs. Even old scars can be helped by applying MSM creams and gels.

When MSM is included in ingredient listings of creams and gels it does not mean the results will be equal to specialty MSM creams.

The base product is very important. Natural products using ingredients that work in synergy make far more impact on the skin. Facial skin needs to be well hydrated with moisture (water) and oil for skin to maintain the best possible condition. The amount of sulphur or MSM used has an influence on various skin issues whether they are anti-aging or skin conditions and problems.

MSM creams and gels work very well on all skin types. Your skin will look softer, younger and  more  glowing for far longer by using MSM sulfur face products.

MiSMo Distilled MSM Jar 850g

MSM (Organic Sulfur) a Miracle Nutrient?

More and more people are searching for new and better ways of assisting the body to act and look more youthful, and we are benefiting from this. One such nutrient that recently has gained research interest is a natural mineral known as MSM, or Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, a source of organic sulphur.

Supplies  of sulphur or sulfur, present in every cell of the body, decline as we age.  MSM provides a safe, easy way to supplement sulphur, the 4th most abundant mineral in the body.

It is important to note that MSM (Organic Sulfur) has no relationship to sulphur antibiotics.  Sulphates, sulphites are also totally different.

MSM is not a drug or a medicine. It is a nutritional supplement with a toxicity level similar to water. Like Vitamin C, MSM is water soluble and does not build up it the body. The body excretes excess.

MSM is an anti inflammatory that has many side benefits. Dr Stanley Jacob’s research paper confirmed that MSM can be used for several conditions, including arthritis, acne, allergies, asthma, burns, constipation, digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, pain, joint inflammation, Rosacea and other skin conditions.

We have had excellent feedback from clients suffering all the above conditions and a few others as well. These include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, period pain, weakened hair and nails.

MSM softens skin  and there is solid scientific evidence to support this claim. Your body can use MSM to make new tissue and new cells. Healthy cells replicate healthy cells. Among its many nutritional uses, sulphur is used in the structure of cell walls – and if cell walls are functioning correctly, they are permeable, allowing nutrients to pass in and toxins to pass out. When using MSM as a nutritional supplement, people find their skin is much softer.

MSM is a very small molecule termed a featherweight. As such it passes through the skin easily when used in gels and creams. These skin care products, known as cosmeceuticals, have natural vitamin and mineral substances added to bring specific benefits that protect the skin from ageing, wrinkles and skin problems.

Taking MSM daily as a supplement softens the skin from the inside. Using MSM creams and gels softens from the outside. This is a win/win situation.

The amount of MSM  taken orally varies with your ailment and level of pain. An average dose is a level teaspoon of around 4 grams.  If  pain is severe it may be necessary to increase the dose considerably and divide the dose in 2, taken morning (best after breakfast) and afternoon. For general health,  2 g (1/4 teaspoon) is adequate.

As a general rule, don’t take MSM close to bedtime. It might keep you awake. MSM has the tendency to increase your energy levels.

Check out some testimonials to see how others enjoy the benefits of MSM.

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