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Why Exfoliate Your Face

Why we should Exfoliate?

As we age our skin cell turnover slows down and we end up with dead, dried up, weathered, contact lens shaped skin cells sitting all over our face. This causes a barrier that stops all our delicious serums and nourishing creams penetrating into the deeper layers of our skin, we may as well throw out these little gems as it’s similar to burning wads of cash! What a waste!


Natural Face Exfoliator with pump

By Exfoliating

Not only do we encourage penetration of products but we increase blood and lymph flow to encourage waste removal, unclog pores and even out our skin to generate that luminous effect that only the latest  photo shop could create, and by having smoother skin the light reflects off our faces at an angle that promotes its beauty to others. Did I forget to mention by exfoliating we set the clock back many years to when our cells where rejuvenating at a rate of knots.

There are essentially 3 types of exfoliations                               

Physical – cream like emulsion with an abrasive bead.                           

Chemical – using the Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Beta Hydroxy Acids and usually performed in a salon to penetrate the skin deeply.                                       

Enzyme – dissolves the dead skin cells without friction.

When and how to Exfoliate

For home users once or twice a week will do the trick, using circular movements for at least a minute especially around the nose area. For those hard core chemical and enzyme exfoliates it is recommended you visit your nearest salon.



 Natural Face Exfoliator with pump

Natural Face Exfoliator with MSM

Here at MiSMo we are very happy with our New Formulation, a true beautiful silky super gentle exfoliator for your face to remove dead skin cells without harshness, no more dull complexions.

Organic Rice powder from France is a new addition to our ingredient list. This was chosen for its effectiveness without harsh abrasion. The particle is spherical and will not scratch or drag on the skin cells and the rice powder protects the skin barrier unlike other products which cause your skin to become sensitised over time. The rice particle is much finer than the previous bead we used but is just as effective, we also felt that using rice powder is better for our planet and we try to create our products with the best of natures resources and by giving back to her at the same time, no more plastic!. Feel free to use this lovely exfoliator 1-2 times a week to enhance the appearance of your skin. The success is in the feel of your skin after use.

Natural Face Exfoliator with pump

Natural Face Exfoliator with pump



Skin Exfoliation or the removal of dead skin cells is a vital step in Anti Aging and improving skin health and appearance. Shedding of dead cells is a normal part of the skin renewal process.

There are many methods used to exfoliate the skin and these include micro dermabrasion, Ultrasound, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, peels and products to which beads or granules have been added. All work in different ways.

Dead skin cells should be removed regularly to expose the new, fresh skin on your face. Failure to exfoliate skin will have many consequences.

  • Skin will lose its natural glow and look dull.
  • Wrinkles are more likely to form.
  • Skin care products will not be able to penetrate the dead cells and work as effectively.
  •  Pimples, blackheads, acne and Rosacea will find a breeding ground.

People who suffer from the condition Rosacea, tend to have thicker layers of dead cells which need to be removed regularly, gently.

One of the main reasons for pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and cyst type eruptions is clogging of the pores by a combination of dead skin cells and excess natural oil called sebum. Skin types prone to these problems will improve  by exfoliating every second day, preferably at night.

Normal skin types will benefit from exfoliation 2-3 times a week while sensitive skins will be happiest with once a week gentle treatments.

As we age, natural exfoliation takes longer and therefore  skin needs some help to accelerate the shedding process.

For home use there are choices.

 The simplest choice of Exfoliating cream is a Natural creamy Exfoliator with a cleanser base and rice grains that will gently remove dead skin cells without irritation to the skin. Be wary of ground shells that can potentially scratch the delicate skin surface. MiSMo also produces Microderm a stronger exfoliator which contains Bamboo Powder.  This is the gold quality in exfoliating creams.

To use exfoliating cream, wet the face and apply a pea sized (or as directed) amount of product to the hands. Wipe the wet hands together to distribute the exfoliant evenly and use the whole hand to make gentle circles on the face. This way you will not be applying a large amount of cream to one area of the face and will avoid any possible irritation.

Use your middle fingers to work exfoliant into nose creases. An often neglected area of the face is behind and below the ears and the neck. Please remember to use moisturiser on this area too.

Work the Natural Exfoliator cream gently for about 30 seconds to loosen the “glue” that holds dead cells in place and rinse well with cool or lukewarm water.

Backs of hands, arms, shoulders and legs all benefit from a regular exfoliation followed by a pampering lotion.

Any Serum, Moisturizer or acne treatment applied to fresh exfoliated skin will then penetrate and perform the function they were designed for much more efficiently.

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