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Skin Care Tips

We can all improve and make the absolute most of the skin we have been given for life. There is no exchange program for skin, so we need to look after
it from an early age.

MiSMo has put together a few hints and tips that can steer you in the right direction:

Can Eye Cream help puffiness and dark circles under the eyes?

Yes, MiSMo has developed Eye Cream Complex to target both these issues. Botanicals are used to firm, lift and reduce puffiness (baggy eyes). A marine
ingredient helps reduce dark circles and make the eye brighter with a more youthful appearance.

Do I need an Eye Cream?

If you do not have any age related puffiness around the eyes or dark circles, the combination of Rejuvenating Geland
either Anti Wrinkle Cream, Nourishing Creamor
New Age Moisturiser will give an excellent result
in controlling lines and wrinkles. Rejuvenating Gelcontains
Matrixyl Synthe 6 a later version of Matrixyl 3000, a well proven ingredient for reducing lines. Late 30’s onward often sees the appearance of fine lines

What is the difference between serum and moisturisers?

Serums are concentrated gels, oils or creams containing specific active ingredients. They are usually anti-ageing treatments targeting lines, pigmentation
and elasticity of the skin. Serums are applied before moisturisers.

How often should I cleanse?

Twice a day; morning and evening. Your face should be cleansed in the morning to remove any dead cells and oils that accumulate during the night and remnants
of cream applied before bed. At night cleansing is important to remove make-up and every day grime and pollution that is collected on the skin during
the day. Moisten face, apply a small amount of cleanser and use small circular movements to soften make-up. A soft cloth with help remove thoroughly.

How often should moisturiser be applied?

Morning and evening.

What is the difference between night and day creams?

A night cream is generally a more nourishing cream containing more oils. The day cream may be a light formulation. The ingredients usually vary. Weather
and skin type dictate what you need so use what you feel is right for the day. Alternating the two is a good idea. MiSMo moisturisers are both suitable
to use under make-up.Night creams which contain active ingredients, such as Anti Wrinkle Cream,
work extremely well as the skin repairs itself at night and these actives are put to good use.

Can I use Cell Soother for other applications?

Cell Soother is a great product with multiple benefits. Use it after sun, after bites and stings. If you have an itch it’s a wonderful soother. Sometimes
if you stop the itch, you don’t scratch and head off a rash! Our star ingredients will become your friends too.

What temperature should the water be when I wash my face?

Lukewarm or tepid. Never use hot water as it may encourage broken capillaries.

When should I apply sunscreen?

Always apply MiSMo products before sunscreen. The sunscreen is applied after your beauty routine in the daytime. Sunscreen is a barrier.

Why should I exfoliate, and how often?

You need to exfoliate the skin at least twice a week with Natural Facial Exfoliator.
If attending a function it is best not to do it on the evening of the big day. Dead cells are shed every day; they can build up on the skin leaving
a dull, lifeless appearance. The secret to a radiant complexion is to remove dead cells regularly. Handheld microdermabrasion tools are another excellent
method for exfoliation. Five treatments which take 2 minutes are equivalent to a salon microdermabrasion.

Why use a body lotion?

Arms, legs, necks and chests are very often neglected yet they receive a great deal of exposure in summer and dry out naturally in winter. Develop the
rewarding habit of applying body lotion after bathing. Skin will take on a sheen and stay young and firm. Older skin will improve markedly. MiSMo Magnesium
Gel Forte is super strong body lotion fortified with Magnesium Chloride. Used this  way the body can absorb and replenish Magnesium in the body.

Why use Cell Soother as a toner?

After cleansing, a light application of Cell Soother will
help tighten pores and encourage faster regeneration of cells. Allow the gel a few moments to penetrate and absorb before using your moisturiser.


Drink plenty of fresh water – every day. Fill a jug each morning with 1-2 litres so you monitor the amount you drink during the day and evening. Water
is a very cheap, easy beauty treatment as it helps keep skin hydrated and smooth.


A well balanced diet will show on your body in lots of ways. Many skin conditions react positively to a change in diet after a short time. Eat as much
unprocessed food as possible, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh salads without fatty dressings are filling and great for the body. Add flavour
with a drizzle of olive oil and one of the many delicious vinegars on the shelves i.e. balsamic, red or white wine.

Dark green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower) are highly nutritious and have properties that skin love. Think about foods
as being rainbow food. The greater variety of colours, the more vitamins and minerals represented.

Include fish in your diet 3 times a week. Salmon is a wonderful skin food. There are some great varieties in tins for sandwiches too.

Rockmelon is a skin friendly fruit, available most of the year. Two serves of fruit a day are recommended. Oatmeal, preferably not the quick cook variety
(they are more refined), is still an excellent way to start the day. It has a low GI (glycemic index) and will stick with you through the morning.

Eating wholesome fresh foods will show on your face within a short time, not to mention the scales. There are a number of books which target skin improvement
available in book stores. The side benefits of following the type of diet discussed in these books are an improved body shape and glowing skin, so
how can you lose?


Something as simple as a regular 30 minute walk will improve fitness levels, blood circulation and therefore skin condition. Park further from your destination
(even at a shopping centre) regularly, to add a few extra steps to daily regimes. It all adds up.

Facial Exercises

Consider this: we exercise the rest of our body even to a small extent by daily living chores. The face has many muscles too but unless they are activated
with facial exercise they become weak and the face droops and ages more than it has to. Muscle forms a base for the skin so keep it in good condition
and look years younger. Seek information on books demonstrating facial exercise.

The Sun

The sun is a wrinkle maker. Always use sunscreen when outdoors. We do not add sunscreen to the MiSMo range because our products are designed to penetrate
the skin deeply. Sunscreen is a barrier for protection of the outer layers of skin.

NOTE: Always apply MiSMo products BEFORE sunscreen. The sunscreen needs to be on the surface of the skin.

Cold Sores

Caused by the herpes simplex virus, cold sores can be a painful misery. They generally come up when you are run down, after a virus, after sun and wind
exposure or if lips are allowed to dry out. Prevention is the best cure, but if you feel one starting, immediately apply MiSMo Cell Soother and continue to do so every hour or two and you will be very pleasantly
surprised. I have found a huge reduction in swelling, pain and the length of time they last. The first two days seem to be the most important time
for really frequent use of Cell Soother. Continue to
use Cell Soother but when the scab is drying use one
of the MiSMo moisturisers as well. Please Note: This is not intended to be medical advice just a hint from someone who suffers from
the nasty things and has had great relief. The last few I’ve had have not even developed properly.


Babies and young children have beautiful dewy clear skin due to the rapid turnover of skin cells. Until our 20’s the skin cells renew in a cycle of about
28 days. This cycle increases to around 40 days in our 40’s and 50’s and can extend even more in later years. It is most important to remove the dead
cells regularly. They are often responsible for dull, lifeless complexions and acne.


Long hot showers may feel luxurious but they take a toll on the skin, washing away precious natural oils on the skin surface. Shorter, warm showers are
much more skin friendly. Never let the shower run directly on your face. This can contribute to broken capillaries. Splash the water on your face from
your cupped hands or use a clean soft cloth. Apply body lotion while your skin is still warm and moist so the nutrients are absorbed fully.


Never go to bed wearing make-up. It may clog the pores of your skin. Skin needs to be clean and nourished while you sleep so nature can rejuvenate and
regenerate. When cleansing, use your MiSMo cleanser twice if wearing make-up. If you use MiSMo Mineral Makeup this will not clog your pores on those
big nights when you don’t cleanse.


Take a dose of MSM crystals every day to help soften skin from the inside
out! It’s fantastic and there are many other benefits. Hair and nails will grow stronger and in better condition. Ask at your local health food shop.
Most are very knowledgeable about MSM and its amazing results. If you have a few aches and pains you may be very pleasantly surprised.

Why do we need to cleanse daily, better still morning and night?

Dead skin cells are constantly being shed, day and night. Also being expelled is the excess oil our body produces. Both the oil and dead cells need
to be removed so pores do not become clogged which means the skin can breathe freely and cleanly.

What is the result if we do not cleanse?

Pimples, blackheads and cyst type breakouts result from blocked pores. Your skin will not look as clear and radiant.

Is this the only reason for pimples and acne?

No but it is a big contributor. Add bacteria to the excess oil, dead cells and you have a pimple in the making. Bacteria is present on everyone’s
hands and touching the face can spread the germs. Diet and hormones are big factors too.

Does touching your face or a pimple make things worse?

Yes. Train yourself not to touch or squeeze pimples on any part of your body. They can take much longer to heal, become larger or even scar. Yes it
is a really hard lesson to learn but worth every effort.

Why do we need to exfoliate?

By using an exfoliator we can keep the skin’s surface free of dead cells. As we age it takes longer for the cells to come away by themselves. A cleanser
with tiny beads speeds up the process. By doing this the complexion looks more radiant, clear and youthful.

What are the other benefits of exfoliation?

It can reduce breakouts of pimples and acne in people of all age groups. Moisturisers and other products work much better on an exfoliated skin. They
can get to where the moisture or treatment needs to be, not sit on a bed of dead skin cells.

How often do I need to exfoliate?

For normal skin 2 – 3 times a week. For Sensitive skin and skin with visible veins only once a week, very gently. Always let the beads do the work.
You are not meant to “scrub”.

What technique should I use for exfoliator or cleanser?

Wet your face and neck at the sink or in the shower. Start with wet hands. Apply a small amount, about the size of a pearl, on to your finger and
place the four fingers of each hand together, at right angles, using a circular motion so all four fingers are covered with exfoliator or cleanser.
Using finger tips only is too rough.Apply from your nose to ear and chin areas, gently, in large circles using the four fingers, not just the finger
tips, of each hand. Do not use an exfoliator on the fine skin under the eye.

Move to the forehead and sides using smaller circles. Be thorough on the nose and folds of the nose where oils can build up. Use upward sweeping movements
on the throat, one hand after the other. Make sure you include the back of the neck and ears. Rinse well with lukewarm water, never hot.

I can’t stress too much, be gentle. Let the exfoliating beads do the work. You are not sanding your face.

Should I let the shower run on my face?

No. The force of water from a shower head can damage the tiny capillaries of the face. This can lead to spider veins being visible. Always cup the
water on to your face.

How soon after a shower or cleansing at the sink should I apply my creams?

Immediately. Conditions are at their very best to accept your treating and moisturizing routine straight after cleansing. Skin is warm, moist and
ready. Use any gel or serum first, followed by moisturiser. Your face should come first, then the body lotion to arms, hands and legs.

I can’t use cleansers, are there any alternatives?

Yes, a microfibre cloth is the answer. The fibres need to be super fine and specially manufactured for the face. A microfibre cloth can remove make-up
including mascara using just water. The difference between a microfibre and a cotton washer is that microfibre breaks the bond between either surface
oil or make-up and holds it in the cloth. A cotton washer can’t do this. Try to wipe up some kitchen oil using just a cotton cloth. You will notice
the residue. Microfibre cleans using just water and holds the oil until washed with soap and water.

Why shouldn’t I use soap on my face?

Most supermarket soaps have a high pH. This dries out the natural surface oils and is the reason skin is left feeling tight and dry. They often contain
irritants and should always be avoided on the face.

When should I use a treatment gel or serum?

After cleansing. Even young skins will benefit. Think of serums as preventative treatment as well as corrective.

What do serums do?

They provide concentrated special ingredients to deliver extra firmness and elasticity to the skin. Usually lines and wrinkles are targeted as well.
If you are keen to keep your looks at their best or improve your complexion pay special attention to serums.

Which treatment is best for sun damaged, ageing or Rosacea skin types?

Vitamin C A and E are superb for treating all these problems.

I have oily skin what should I use?

A wash off cleanser that is mild. Most of the oily/acne treatments strip the skin of natural oils. When this happens the body reacts by producing
extra oil.

Which moisturiser should I use for oily skin?

A light moisturiser with some oil to prevent the merry go round of the body producing to compensate for stripping the skin.

Which moisturiser should I use for normal or dry skn?

A nourishing cream which contains a richer blend of ingredients including extra oils. These can be used day and night if the formulation is light.

Why should I take supplements?

When people have problem skin such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema or dry skin they are usually deficient in lipids (oils) and Vitamin A. Think of having
a treatment from the inside out. Vitamin A in the form of Cod Liver Oil or Beta Carotene can help supply Vitamin A and promote the pathway of sebum
(oil) through the body without blockages, a great help with skin problems. Essential Fatty Acids (Omega’s) are also a huge help. If you can eat deep
sea fish 3 times a week, fantastic. In reality most people don’t, so get on to supplements. Ask at your local health food shop.

How does MSM powder help?

MSM powder is the other part of helping from the inside out. Skin on the whole body is usually softer within about 2 weeks. A sheen on the legs is
an early indication. Any skin problem is helped by taking MSM regularly.

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