Mineral Make Up Brush Pack 3 Piece

Mineral Makeup brushes for blush, bronzer and eyeshadow in a pack for only $40. Professional quality perfect for Mineral powder


3 Brushes for Blush/Bronzer, Eyeshadow and Highlighter

Perfect Brushes for Mineral Makeup Application

Brush Pack contains 3 great brushes to help apply your Mineral Makeup perfectly. Soft easy to use Blush or Bronzer brush lays the minerals on your skin perfectly.

1. BLUSH/BRONZER BRUSH: A quick dip, tap and flick with either Blush or Bronzer and your Mineral foundation base will take on extra life to set you up for the day. This brush can also be used to apply Mineral Veil over the face.

2. LARGE EYESHADOW OR HIGHLIGHTER BRUSH: This brush is perfect for applying Highlighter, Mineral Veil or eyeshadow. This is the middle sized brush in the pack.

3. EYESHADOW BRUSH SMALL: The smallest brush in the pack is ideal for applying eyeshadow like a pro or for camouflaging those pesky spots with a bit of extra makeup.


You can never have too many brushes!


Weight 30 g


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