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Rosacea or Acne – What do I have?

Bumps and pimples occur in the skin conditions Rosacea and Acne and this is often where the confusion arises. There are however, subtle differences between
the bumps and pimples that can reveal the specific skin condition you are dealing with.

Determining what skin condition is important as the two skin disorders require different treatments and if not properly diagnosed you will find some acne
medications can in fact cause Rosacea symptoms to flare up and become more intense.

One sure sign for acne is blackheads (comedones); these happen only with Acne Vulgaris. The other giveaway is the areas that are affected. For acne it
includes predominately the face, although acne can also be found on the back, chest and shoulders in some instances.

For Rosacea the areas affected are the centre of the face – cheeks, nose and can also be the chin or forehead. These areas tend to start with red flushes
then the bumps and pimples can in turn follow suit. Eyes can also become irritated.



In the case of acne, as mentioned above it is the appearance of blackheads together with skin showing signs of oiliness that are classic symptoms
of someone suffering from acne.

Skin conditions are tricky to diagnose even for those highly skilled in these areas. So we always suggest consulting a professional if you are concerned
you may be suffering from one of these conditions so that can make an informed decision about what steps you would like to take to treat it and also
ensure you have the correct products to do so.

Speaking of which, MiSMO offers a wide range of natural skin care products designed to combat these
common skin issues. We can also provide tailored skin treatment plans for these conditions.

If you are unsure about what the best MiSMo product is right for you, we’re here to help, so please drop us line or give MiSMo headoffice a call.


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