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Rosacea and how to deal with it

Rosacea is a frustrating and difficult condition to deal with. No one chooses to have a face that looks flushed and red. Flushes start occasionally, then last for longer times and then most of the time the face looks red and flushed.

Remember Aunt Mary and her red face!! Rosacea tends to be genetic.

This is the cycle when Rosacea develops. Likewise when you are over 40 or 50 you don’t expect to check the mirror every morning to see if your face is clear or if a pimple, lump or bump has come up overnight – especially when a big outing or event is looming. That is when you can guarantee they will be there. A bit of stress or excitement will do it every time.

The other affliction that tends to arise with Rosacea is visible capillaries or thread veins on the face.

We have a much longer description of Rosacea on a separate page so this is a shorter summary.

You can help the symptoms of Rosacea and the areas that need to be targeted are:

  • Inflammation
  • Hydration and Nourishment of skin
  • Calming the skin
  • Avoiding triggers like sun, wind, cold and some food and beverages
  • Take nutritional supplements

Not everyone suffers from blemishes or visible capillaries, there are degrees and stages of Rosacea. The earlier you are aware of the problem, the better the chance of controlling symptoms so have a read of our Rosacea Treatment and Information article. There are many suggestions and a treatment plan for dealing with Rosacea.

I have this daily battle, although have more wins than losses through following the plan religiously.

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