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Reduce Appearance of Large Pores

This is a little trick I picked up recently and it seems to work really well.

Many of us have two problems either at the same time or separately. Large pores and/or clogged pores on the face which usually result from oily skin.

Why don’t you try my solution below it has worked for many people – and hopefully will be the solution for you.

The routine:

Once a day for 1 week, exfoliate with a granular exfoliator such as Natural Exfoliator or MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream treatment followed by cleansing with Daily Face Wash which is an Alpha hydroxy acid cleanser.

The grains in Natural Exfoliator or MicroDerm Resurfacing cream will remove dead skin cells which block the pores and the application of an AHA cleanser will further loosen the glue which holds dead cells on the skin surface.

Keep both applications short, only about 20 seconds each. Use only cleanser for your other cleanse of the day.

When exfoliating, remember to be gentle with your skin. The beads in granular exfoliators do the work so you do not need to apply strong pressure to achieve a result.

Avoid using your fingertips. Instead, use the flat part of your fingers to apply exfoliator in circular movements over your face. Pay attention to the folds of the nose where blackheads tend to develop but be super gentle. Irritation will occur if you are not.

Áfter 1 week your face should have a smoother texture with smaller pores and less breakouts.

Give it a try and let us know how you go!

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