Distilled MSM Powder 2.5kg bulk

Pure MSM powder a source of Organic Sulphur from MiSMo helps alleviate Arthritis pain, joint pain, allergies and improves general wellbeing. 2.5kg Bag. For smaller quantities we also sell 440g and 850g tubs here


Distilled MSM - 2.5kg Bulk Bag

MSM is a natural supplement used by hundreds of thousands world wide to  reduce Arthritis and joint pain and promote good health. MiSMo Distilled MSM is pharmaceutical grade and vegan friendly. MSM is also known as Organic Sulphur.

The bulk size is packaged in food grade heat sealed re-sealable foil bags. Once people experience the benefits of MSM it is convenient to move to this larger size

If you prefer a smaller size: 440g Distilled MSM

850g Distilled MSM

What is Distilled MSM?

Distilled MSM is universally accepted as the purest and best form of MSM available. The manufacturing process used for Distilled MSM is more involved than crystalised MSM resuting in a super purified product which is the reason for the higher cost. Described simply, Distilled MSM is a process where steam is captured thereby ensuring the most purified crystals possible.

MiSMo Distilled MSM goes through a 4 stage distillation process to achieve maximum purity. The water content of the Distilled MSM is below 0.1% which is indicative of very high quality and is 99.97% pure.

Water filtration is also a point of difference for all MiSMo MSM. All water used in the manufacture of MiSMo MSM has been treated by the Reverse osmosis process.

Absolutely no fillers or anti caking agents are added. MiSMo MSM has NOT been irradiated.

Is MiSMo MSM pure?

YES - absolutely pure with no fillers or anti-caking agents. MSM dissolves easily in water or juice, has a taste similar to tonic water and looks like sugar. Pure MSM forms lumps as the crystals attract. Pure MSM also drops to the bottom of a glass when added to water; fillers would float. The best quality MSM is clear when dissolved.

  • Sugar free, fat free. Contains no gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose or egg.
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • MiSMo MSM has NOT been irradiated
  • Suitable for vegans/vegetarians

Want to Know All About MSM?

This is the link  to an in-depth  INFORMATION ABOUT MSM

Note: MSM is available for Australian Customers only


Weight2500 g


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