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This foundation is fantastic. My skin looks amazing and the coverage is perfect, not to heavy and not to light. I picked the medium colour and can't believe how well it matches. The brush is also fantastic with providing easy perfect coverage. Thank you Mismo love these products :)

Liquid Minerals and Foundation Brush Pack Image

Liquid Minerals and Foundation Brush Pack

Hi guys I'm loving the product! I just wanted to ask you about using it topically. Do you have any tips for this and recommendations on topical uses for pure msm? I'm thinking things like acne for starters.
Thanks again!

MSM Powder Image

MSM Powder

I have been using Mismo Rejuvenation Gel for some time now and find it very hydrating and soothing. Perfect for dry skin, it is also gentle enough to double as an eye treatment. It is one of my favourite Mismo products.

MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl Synthe 6 Image

MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl Synthe 6

I have been using Magnesium Gel for at least a year and while I know
that it has helped with the occasional cramps that I get I recently realised just how much!!!!
I am 7 mths pregnant and have used Magnesium Gel religiously every
night as I find more then anything it helps me sleep. I recently went
away for a weekend without my Magnesium Gel so didn't use it for 3 nights in a row. I got the most painful cramps I have ever experienced in my life, they brought tears to my eyes. I realise this is part of pregnancy but did not expect this after only having had one minor cramp here or there so far in the pregnancy. It took about 3 nights of getting back into my Magnesium Gel routine before the cramps went away again.
I will not be going anywhere without my Magnesium Gel again, thankyou

Magnesium Gel Forte Image

Magnesium Gel Forte

I have been using and supplying this product to my clients for over 18 months now and have had AMAZING results! Reducing muscle tensions, reducing stress levels and improving general well being! Can not praise the ongoing benefits of this product enough! You have certainly made a massive improvement in so many lives, Thank you😊

Magnesium Chloride Powder Image

Magnesium Chloride Powder

Soft, soft, soft, smooth skin. I absolutely loved the trial size and can't wait until I can upgrade to the 'real' size product.

MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream Image

MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream

I have food intolerance which causes high inflammation of the guts if I eat a tiny amount of "bad" food (i am talking about a millimeter of chili or tomato for example). Now I can stand eating a small amount of these"bad" food and go on with my day and even been able to eat a pizza with tomato base without any side effects. Thank you Mismo MSM, you have changed my life :)

MSM Powder Image

MSM Powder

I am still using both products and still loving them! The blemish cream has helped alot, my face has cleared up so much, I still get break outs but they are not so nasty and sore anymore, it seems to keep the acne under control. I think the combination of the blemish cream and the New Age with sunscreen has been wonderful for my skin, couldn't be happier! I would definitely like to continue using it, so when it becomes available online to purchase, please notify me.

Blemish Gel Image

Blemish Gel


I am so thrilled after having severe Plantar Fasciitis for over a year. After taking MSM the inflammation has gone and no pain.
But the MSM worked in a very short time

Thank you

MSM Powder Image

MSM Powder

I have used this on and off for about 5 years since first reading about Mismo in a flight magazine. I have mild rosacea and very fine skin. It certainly makes a difference without it and I always come back to it and nourishing cream for my daily routine. Last year I was given a certain French company moisturising day cream and after 3 months of that have come back to this and seen the improvement again. I am older but often told my skin is beautiful. The trick is keeping up with orders so I hope that Mismo may be in shops in the future.

Nourishing Cream Image

Nourishing Cream

I like to use the ACE serum before using the mineral powders. It is very light on the skin and doesn't block pores. It seems to set the powders particularly in cold weather where the heat of the face absorbs the powders with the ACE and then the makeup looks fresh and natural instead of dusty.

A-C-E Vitamin C Serum Image

A-C-E Vitamin C Serum

In February 2013 I was visiting my niece in Newcastle with my sister who was 66 years old and I was 55 years old. My sister asked her 7 yr old grandson did he think I looked like her, his reply was "a bit, but she has more wrinkles than you". I had always used a natural moisturiser and always cleansed once a day before bedtime, but after that statement I thought I had better look into some anti aging products.

I found Mismo on the internet and ordered the Anti Aging Trio. In July 2013 we met some relatives for the first time from Roma and a 40 year old lady asked me how old I was I told my age and she said "but you have no wrinkles".

So what a difference 5 months makes!

Anti-Aging Trio 30ml Image

Anti-Aging Trio 30ml

Visible difference in deep lines after only a few applications!

Anti-Wrinkle Cream Image

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

I purchased this product barely 2 weeks ago as I had pulled the ligaments and a tendon in my back and leg about 9 months ago ( lifting slabs, I know I shouldn't do these things at 70, but I do,) and have been in a lot of pain. I am already feeling the results of taking MSM . The pain is decreasing to the extent that I can now go back to my Friday boogey boarding with our Granny Grommet club. Wished I had found this product sooner. Thankyou so much. Kindest regards Lorraine Freer

MSM Distilled Powder Image

MSM Distilled Powder

I have used MSM for several years for the relief of arthritis. My hands were so sore, I couldn't turn a key in a lock or open a jar. As long as I take MSM each day I have no stabbing pain in my hands . Also my Dog was only 3 years old and his hind leg was so painfully he couldn't stand on it. We had to start him on a yearly 4 week course of injections. When our female dog also started having joint pain we had both of them on the injections this was very expensive. One evening I came out to take the dogs down to there compound and the male couldn't even get up. I had just started taking the MSM myself and as it had worked so well for me I tried it on him. After only one day he bounded out of his compound. I had both dogs on 1 tsp a day for the rest of their lives the Great Dane lived for 13 years and the Rotti for 15 years the vets were astounded as these big dogs usually only live around 10 years. Glynis Vallmuur

MSM Powder Image

MSM Powder

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