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Due to the nature of my work and long bouts of sitting in front of my computer, I have found that I can get very stiff in my neck and my back often tends to ache. I recently tried the Magnesium Gel Forte and felt relief almost instantly. I was taking Nurofen regularly for the pain however, after using the Magnesium Gel Forte I was able to reduce the Nurofen and just use the Magnesium Gel. I found it very easy to use and enjoyed the non-sticky and no stinging feel. I am just so pleased to find a product that was extremely effective with reducing my aches and pains. Magnesium Gel Forte will be the first thing I reach for now, instead of the Nurofen.

Magnesium Gel Forte Image

Magnesium Gel Forte

I have been using the Mismo anti ageing trio for about 8 weeks, my skin is never dry and feels so soft and nourished. I do believe my wrinkles are less prominent. I have for years had a red blotch on my cheek, regardless of the creams etc I used on it, it has never changed, until I used the trio pack, it is fading and getting smaller. I also use the Daily Face Wash, my skin has never felt cleaner.
Mismo is for me from now on!!!

Anti-Aging Trio 30ml Image

Anti-Aging Trio 30ml

I have combination/sensitive skin and have spent lots of money on expensive microfibre cloths, gloves, mitts etc. over the years. I came across your website while this time researching for the best Facial Cloth available. I decided to give your MiSMo cloth a try after being so disappointed with all the other previous cloths I have used. I was still apprehensive when your cloth arrived, however after using it the first time I was pleasantly suprised by how soft it was on my skin.

Anyway, I have now been using your cloth along with either cleanser or water morning and night for several months and still found it to be soft on my sensitive skin without causing any hint of redness or aggravation. Even after handwashing it several times a week and then washing machine it once a week, the cloth still retains its softness.

MiSMo Microfibre Face Cloth Image

MiSMo Microfibre Face Cloth

Now that I'm a faded brunette... I have found the light brown brow define is great! And together with the fantastic brush I can make my fine eyebrows look even and natural. Really happy with the Brow Define and Brush set.

Brow Define and Brush Set Image

Brow Define and Brush Set

I have dry, sensitive skin and I don't use anything else.

MiSMo Microfibre Face Cloth Image

MiSMo Microfibre Face Cloth

I have just placed another order for MSM for myself and for two friends who are keen to try it after seeing the great results I am having with just 2 teaspoons dissolved in warm water daily. I am 3 weeks post op neurosurgery (as per my above posting 31/10/14) and my recovery has been amazing which I believe has a lot to do with my daily use of MSM. My finger joints no longer swell and become so painful I reach for Voltaren-like meds for relief just to get through the day. I have also just realised my dog, Tilly, who has 1 tspn MSM daily, has not suffered with her 'usual Sept/Oct itch' (she has this itch twice a year - Sept/Oct and Jan/Feb - which usually sends us to the vet for a course of tablets which stop the itch but do awful other things to her - excess thirst; gaining of weight amongst other things - but for the past 6 years I have had her (from our local dogs home) it has been the only option. I couldn't watch her tear her skin to pieces twice a year.I was told I could spend a few thousand dollars trying to find what causes her discomfort - a grass - a shrub etc. but with all the possibilities in the plant world it was agreed we probably would never find the one that causes it and she would still need to take the Prednil. My online research (Dr.Google) of MSM/DSMO shows "MSM tends to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions to foods, chemicals and inhaled allergens as well as reducing reactions to insect and spider bites such as mosquitoes and bees etc. " and I am very hopeful that it is the MSM which has stopped it..... I will know more when Jan/Feb comes and goes with hopefully no more signs of the dreadful itching. Tilly is now running and swimming like a pup again with no signs of limping with the arthritis pain she had prior to taking MSM - I am so glad I found MSM and MiSMo. Thankyou so much.

MSM Powder Image

MSM Powder

I've been using this magnesium gel for a few months now and feel it really helps my sciatica and night cramps. The roller really massages where the pain is worst.

Magnesium Gel Forte 250ml plus Roller 75ml Image

Magnesium Gel Forte 250ml plus Roller 75ml

I have been using Magnesium Gel for at least a year and while I know that it has helped with the occasional cramps that I get I recently realised just how much!!!! I am 7 mths pregnant and have used Magnesium Gel religiously every night as I find more then anything it helps me sleep. I recently went away for a weekend without my Magnesium Gel so didn't use it for 3 nights in a row. I got the most painful cramps I have ever experienced in my life, they brought tears to my eyes. I realise this is part of pregnancy but did not expect this after only having had one minor cramp here or there so far in the pregnancy. It took about 3 nights of getting back into my Magnesium Gel routine before the cramps went away again.
I will not be going anywhere without my Magnesium Gel again, thankyou MISMO!!!!!!!!!

Magnesium Gel Forte Image

Magnesium Gel Forte

I was suffering with throbbing pain in my knees and lower left leg. After dissolving MSM powder in water and taking it orally my pains and throbbing have stopped. I was amazed at the speed at which it helped me! Thank you!

MSM Powder Image

MSM Powder

Visible difference in deep lines after only a few applications!

Anti-Wrinkle Cream Image

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

I have been using Rejuvenating twice a day for nearly 10 years. I find its calming effect particularly beneficial for my sensitive skin and rosacea.

People comment that I don't look my age and I am sure this is with the help of Rejuvenating in reducing fine lines.

MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl Synthe 6 Image

MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl Synthe 6

I recently had a serious degloving injury requiring a split skin graft. I was religiously following the doctors instructions, using oils and creams to massage the scar. It wasn't until I tried cell soother that I got some fantastic results. Cell soother not only helped the skin heal and the scar soften, but it helped the nerve pain settle. The healing has been much quicker and the doctors are amazed at the results.

Cell Soother Image

Cell Soother

Have been taking this product for fibromyalgia and arthritic problems, it really is a miracle product, very rare that I need anything except pain away spray and my electric blanket when pain flares up, no more nasty anti inflammatories, Thank you!!!

MSM Distilled Powder Image

MSM Distilled Powder

I am more than happy to share that I wouldn’t be without my rejuvenating gel! I am 62yrs and have referred many many of my friends and work colleagues to your site BECAUSE they all want to know how my skin is so nice and they want to know EXACTLY what I use because they want it too!

Personally, I am also very happy with my skin and your products are, I’m sure, hugely responsible. I use all three of the magic ‘trio’ plus I drink 2 tsp of MSM daily.

Satisfied customer!

MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl Synthe 6 Image

MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl Synthe 6

This product is a godsend. I used to take a product which contained MSM and didn't give it the credit it was due. The company who made my previous product stopped producing their powder and I noticed very quickly that my 'recovery' time from gardening or exercising or doing any physical labour dramatically increased and my muscles felt hugely fatigued. I found your company and product online after realising what a blessing MSM was to my health. To keep this 'real' - I have spent the last week scraping, sanding, filling and painting all of the windows (on a house on stilts - so up a ladder!) of a family holiday home in the country. I managed to work every single day (taking MSM twice a day) and I felt good. I am a 57 year old female and without MSM I would not have been able to complete all of the windows in a week. This stuff makes me feel younger and my muscles don't ache even after doing all of this work. Thank you for your product - I don't feel my age and I can certainly do the same amount physical toil with very few repercussions (ie aches and pains) even at my age. So glad I found this site.

MSM Distilled Powder Image

MSM Distilled Powder

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