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Found this while searching the net and it works well. It will also shorten the life of a zit.

Gather a few items – Cotton balls; small bowl; salt;

Directions: Fill a small bowl with hot water and add 1 teaspoon salt

  •  Place a cotton ball in the salty water
  •  Wait for 30 – 60 seconds
  •  Squeeze out excess water out until it is damp, but not dripping
  •  Place the damp cotton ball over your pimple or a couple if you have more than one spot
  •  Wait exactly three minutes. This is important
  •  Remove the cotton ball after the time is up
  •  Put the cotton ball back in the salty water and rinse it well, squeeze, apply for another minute

If your pimple has a head after the salty soaking:

  •  Take  two more cotton balls, moisten in the salty water and squeeze . Place them on either side of the pimple and wiggle them around the pimple. It should release the contents. DO NOT FORCE. This post is about flattening a pimple not making it worse so NO squeezing.
  • Rinse well.

The posting I read suggested you dob on a bit of honey. This can be a bit sticky so if you have Blemish Gel or Cell Soother it is much more comfortable to use.

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