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Sun Screen - don't be fooled

"Don't be fooled by sun protection".

Sunscreen is an essential part of life for most people but don't be too reliant on it saving you from damaged skin.

If you sunbake the damage will appear in later years and it will be too late.

Today's 50 plus cringe at the lack of information that was available back then. We poured on the coconut oil and "cooked" ourselves, all for the sake of a great tan.

Well most of us are paying the price now.

Over the holidays our family spent a couple of weeks at the beautiful Byron Bay. I faithfully used a 30+ sunscreen everywhere that was exposed and did not sunbake.

The shock was the obvious damage the daily swims and normal exposure was doing even with the sunscreen. No sunburn at all - just good old wrinkly skin, most noticable on the arms and hands.

Young people seem to believe they are completely protected if well creamed with 30+. Please think again. The sun is the enemy. Invest in a spray or fake tan. You'll look good and keep your youthful skin for many more decades.

This is without touching on the dreaded melanoma and sun cancer issues. A good tan fades into insignificance when cancer rears its ugly head.

The amount of sunscreen needed to prevent damage is 2 mgs per square centimetre which is the amount used by the testing authorities. In reality you will not use this amount.

There is some good news.

A concentrated effort over the past week using ACE Vitamin Serum and Nourishing Cream has seen a big recovery of my damage. The specific and potent blend of Vitamins in ACE Serum target sun damage. Nourishing Cream provides extra oils and hydration to replace what nature has destroyed.

The other part was I used no sunscreen on my face because I react badly to them. Mineral make-up saved the day, but not the pharmacy variety. Not a sign of sunburn or sun damage. The reason is the titanium dioxide used in good mineral make-up. A large hat helped too.

If you've ever been confused by the UVA and UVB terms there is an easy way to remember

UVA = Ageing, prematurely, as the rays penetrate deeper
UVB = Burn as in sunburn.

Sunscreen certainly helps protect from sunburn if used in sufficient quantities but  from my experience ageing is another matter.

The message -

  •  protect with clothing, hats and sunglasses
  • don't sunbake especially between 10am - 3pm
  • use heaps of sunscreen not just a light covering
  • get 10 minuts a day of early morning or late afternoon sunlight to generate Vitamin D
  • get a fake tan

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