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Spring Newsletter

Spring is certainly with us in Brisbane. We are back to early 30’s in Brisbane.

 A lot has happened since our last newsletter. We have changed web sites which many of you would have noticed. It has taken me an age to learn the ropes and I’m not there yet. Who would have thought at this stage of my life I’d be learning how to do this sort of internet stuff. Just shows what we can learn if necessary.

In this issue:





Our latest product, A-C-E Vitamin Serum  is a Vitamin C serum with vitamins A & E, is a potent mix which gives ageing a miss.

We launched A-C-E Vitamin Serum (named because it is a real ACE for You) to beauty therapists in mid June and they love using it in the Salon and selling to clients.

Vitamin C is one of the few ingredients with scientific backing to prove it can reverse the signs of ageing and help stop further skin ageing. Many of you are already experiencing the benefits of A-C-E Vitamin Serum.

    * Brighter complexion
    * more elasticity and firmness
    * smoother, younger looking skin
    * reduction in pigmentation marks
    * thicker skin tissue

The Serum comes in a fine oil formulation which absorbs into the skin very quickly. Lots of people associate oil with oiliness. This is not the case with A-C-E Vitamin Serum.

A-C-E Vitamin Serum is perfect to use wherever you have sun damage. Decolletage, neck including the back, hands and arms spring to mind.

Beauty Review, an online beauty magazine asked a panel of 5 ladies to use the A-C-E for a couple of weeks. The result was 4 out of 5 stars with a great editorial from the Magazine editor.

Vitamins A & E  have been combined with Vitamin C for the very best outcome. Have a look on the web site to see what happened to my hands. The photo was taken at 8 weeks but the results were there weeks before. You can see a change after a week.

The reason we used the hand photo was because it was so obvious that the skin tissue had thickened and lines diminished. The same results take place on your face.

 Let’s face it many of us have old hands so why not wind back the clock. I am continually amazed at the difference in my 2 hands, one using the ACE Serum and a hand cream, the other just the hand cream.

 We recommend using A-C-E Vitamin Serum at night and Rejuvenating Gel in the morning for a total anti-ageing solution. They would be followed by Nourishing Cream (mature or dry skin) or Moisturiser (younger or oily skin) to seal in all that nourishment.

 The price is another great surprise 55ml for only $69.00. You will get many months of use and youth from this bottle. A normal size for other companies would be either 15ml or 30ml.


 At this time of year we are often looking like snakes ready to shed a skin, scaly and dry. This winter has been especially bad because of the low humidity. It’s time for a good exfoliation and moisturizing.

 Here are a few different options to polish your body.

 Option 1. Before you get into the shower use a natural bristle brush to slough off dead cells and stimulate the blood supply. All movements should work towards the heart. When working the arms start at the fingers and brush up the arm. Legs, start at your feet and work up the torso. 

Good natural brushes are readily available from Pharmacies, Myers and David Jones.

 Option 2. Use your facial exfoliator on legs and arms to remove dead cells in the shower. Finish with a body lotion.
Option 3. Run a warm bath, add some bath oil and use your face mitt or microfibre cloth to achieve a smoother finish on your arms and legs. Be careful not to slip on the oily bathtub when getting out.
Allow some "Me" time and give yourself a facial. Use a head band or a shower cap to keep hair off your face.

Start with a good cleanse. Do this more slowly than in your regular routine. Wash your hands first, for hygeine. Moisten your hands and use a pearl size dob of cleanser. Wipe hands together like you are washing them. Now apply to your face using the whole hand.

Next comes the exfoliation of dead skin cells. We tend to get more of a build up after a dry cold spell. Apply exfoliator the same way as cleanser. Include behind your ears and neck. This is an area that can easily be neglected and does tend to harbour dead cells. You will need to gently work the exfoliator in excess of 30 seconds to loosed the "glue" hat holds the dead cells together. Rinse really well to make sure all grains have been removed.

Tip! Serums and moisturisers  penetrate deeper after exfoliation making them far more effective.

Next comes a facial massage with A-C-E Vitamin Serum.Apply one pump using the same application method.  When massaging the neck, use long strokes working upward alternating with both hands as you turn your head both ways.

Another Tip: Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth to anchor the muscles in the upper neck as you stroke. This will give a better result. Try to use this technique even when you use cleanser. It strengthens the muscles and helps prevent sagging around the neck and jaw line.

Next comes a mask using PHP Treatment mask or Firming Mask. Use as per directions.
Finish with your favourite moisturiser.
This is a super simple but effective facial.
If you are like me I used to think cous cous (from wheat) was bland and for the chooks. This version changed my mind.If you have a crowd to feed this goes a long way.
Mediterranean Cous Cous:
Cous Cous - 1 cup will serve 6
Chicken stock (follow directions on pack)
Barbeque or grill Capsicum until the skin is black. Sweat in a plastic bag until the skin peels away freely. Dice. Barbeque or grill fresh corn and strip from cob.
Shallots or spring onions chopped finely
Goat’s feta cheese cubed or crumbled (optional)
Herbs: Italian parsley, coriander, mint chopped finely,  Chilli (optional)
Pistacio nuts and pine nuts browned under the griller. Almonds  (option)
Mix together and add a good glug of olive oil and the juice of a lemon.

Perfect with grilled fish, steak or chicken.


Exciting news if you or any of your children suffer from blemishes and breakouts. We have been trialing a new and different type of blemish gel for some time with excellent results. Where most acne gels dry the skin badly the MiSMo formulation does not, in fact it nourishes and hydrates.

A new botanical based active ingredient is used in both gel and moisturiser. It targets bacteria, inflammation, redness and excess oil (sebum), all triggers and symptoms of pimples and blockages. Younger people and the boys will only need to use the Blemish Gel where others will benefit from using the Blemish Moisturiser as well. (That is a super mix).

Comments such as:

"amazed at how fast it works"  Bianca (early 20's)

"much smaller, much less sore and came to a head fast"  Maggie (mature age)

"appears to have reduced the number and shortened the life span" Hayden (early 20's)

"When can we buy it" is the most common question.

Blemishes lasting shorter times, less redness, skin looks cleaner are being heard from our "testers".

Of course I am a tester as well - no show without Punch - and boy am I excited. We Rosacea people have lots to bear with redness and breakouts, both symptoms acne sufferers have to contend with too.

We have come a long way with alleviating symptoms with the present range of MiSMo and I believe these new formulations will give solutions to many more of our clients.

The release date is probably 5 or 6 weeks away but we'll keep you informed.

If you haven't tried A-C-E Vitamin Serum yet DO IT NOW!  FREE POSTAGE FOR A-C-E SERUM for orders received by 10th October.

Thanks for your wonderful support. We'll keep on keeping you young.

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