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As Winter decends on Australia a few things to keep in mind for smooth well conditioned skin.

MiSMo produces Professional strength skin care made available by very few companies to retail clients.

Secrets You Need to know about Rejuvenating Gel:

There is a very good reason your skin will glow when you use Rejuvenating Gel. This magic serum  contains Hyaluronic Acid which absorbs up to 1,000 times its own weight in water so your skin plumps, feels firmer, looks much younger and is well hydrated.

(Secret) MiSMo uses up to 50 times more Hyaluronic Acid than most brands, even the most expensive on the market. Yes it sounds too good to be true but it is. Even our chemist questioned the amount when we first requested the formula.

Before producing Rejuvenating Gel we did an extensive clinical trial to establish: Is more better? The answer was a huge YES. We trialed 3 different strengths, all large percentages. All strengths showed re-texturising, reduced lines and plumping of the skin within days but the highest strength won. Lines are reduced using a special peptide and can take 6 weeks for maximum reduction.

During the trials ladies and one man (thanks Geoff) used a different strength on the left and right of their faces. When they came to be photographed the best result stood out a mile. The maximum strength.

Unless your beauty salon stocks MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel it is most unlikely any product will contain this clinical strength or quality (but that's another secret). If you are going to use anti aging products why not use ones that makes a positive improvement that friends will notice.

3 clients have contacted us in the past few days to pass on news that their specialists have commented on the good condition of their skin. The message to all ladies was "Whatever you're using keep doing it".

By popular request a large 50 ml Rejuvenating Gel is now available for $120.00.

Winter must do's

  • Exfoliate regularly - legs and arms too.
  • Use A-C-E Vitamin serum and Rejuvenating Gel every day with either Nourishing Cream or Moisturiser
  • Avoid hot showers - they dry out the natural oils and make your skin  itchy. If you have red marks on your tummy or back after a shower, it is too hot.
  • Use A-C-E Vitamin C serum on the back of your hands every day. Follow with a hand cream. Hands give away your age so stop the problem before it starts or reverse damage dramatically - that's a promise.
Can you help us out?

On the MiSMo website new "facebook recommend" symbols have been added to our pages including the blog entries. If you are a facebook user and enjoy any MiSMo product or comment we would greatly appreciate your endorsement while visiting Simply click on the Recommend icon. This small action will spread the word about MiSMo.

As a small company we do not advertise much, preferring to keep prices low so you can enjoy the benefits.

MiSMo Blog

Have you been reading our blog? Lots of articles are featured. If you have a comment or would like to share it with a friend please do.

MSM for Animals:

More good reports about dogs gaining relief from arthritis pain are coming through.

We get such a thrill from emails telling us:   Butch (not his real name) was hobbling around the yard but after feeding him MSM for a week or 2 in his food he is now running around like a young dog. Another lady treating her dog with MSM for arthritis noticed he no longer had fleas. Add MSM to your pet's food or in some soup stock to disguise it.

Maybe Butch will share some of his MSM with you for pain or joint relief.

MiSMo Beauty Tips e-book

Many of you have received this e-book of beauty tips but for those who have not you might enjoy a read.

Changes to website

We have been upgrading the website to make it easier to navigate and provide more information. Product listings down the left side are the main difference. If you have any comments for or against let us know.

Until next time, keep well and happy.


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