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New Years News

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you had a wonderful festive season and New Year. We know we did! But the holidays are over and the MiSMo Team are all back on board and excited for 2015. Our Team news is that our lovely Kate has decided to move on to follow a new adventure, and we wish her all the best of luck with her dreams.

Replacing Kate, is Lisa. Lisa is a Beauty Therapist, and helped us out during our sale and fits in very well. Welcome to the MiSMo Team, Lisa.

For us here on the Sunshine Coast, it's been a hot and humid Summer, so we thought it was a perfect time to put our oil free Boost Moisturiser on Sale - read below for more information.

Best regards 

Irene, Deanne, Athena and Lisa




The best Oil Free Moisturizer on the market and it's natural

What BOOST is:

  • An ultra light oil free moisturiser that feels like Silk
  • For Acne or pimple prone skin
  • Fantastic for men as an After shave/Moisturizer
  • Perfect for girls with combination or oily skin types
  • Super quick absorbing
  • Will not clog pores
  • Will minimise lines
  • Improve the texture and appearance of your skin
  • Soothes and relieves irritation
  • Never feels heavy or oily - there is No oil
  • Skin saviour in the tropics
  • A Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer
  • Tames Oily skin
  • Mix with Mineral Makeup for a tinted Moisturiser
  • Perfect under sunscreen

BOOST is a genuine "Oil Free Moisturiser". We rely on  wonderful ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium PCA, German Camomile, Calendula, Vitamin B5, Organic Aloe Vera and MSM to create an exquisite blend your clients will love. The ingredients provide full hydration and moisturising without oil. The anti aging results are tremendous.  Unlike most companies MiSMo uses lashings of these ingredients.
Oil free lotions are generally very high in water content and low on the quality ingredients. These lotions will actually dry the skin not hydrate and nourish your skin. This is where MiSMo's BOOST is very different.

BOOST Moisturiser is perfect as the end product in a mini-facial if you suffer from break-outs or oily skin. Your skin will be hydrated, and plumped without adding oil.


Who BOOST is for:
  • Men's skin care as an after shave/Moisturiser - use over the whole face and neck
  • Those who get pimples /acne
  • Women who have combination or oily skin
  • Teenagers who are looking for a light moisturiser
  • Anyone who lives in the tropics

Directions: Men: use after shaving daily. Include the whole face and neck – that means forehead too guys.

Girls and teenagers: Use after cleansing. Can be used over Blemish Gel

Tip!  Tinted Moisturiser – Add some Mineral Makeup to Boost for a beautiful oil free tinted Moisturiser.

We have tested BOOST on men and women ranging in ages from 20 to mid 60's. Results were stunning to say the least. Young men found their skin softer with reduced ingrown hairs. Older men looked years younger with complexion plumped and fresh. Girls with oily skin found oil reduced and skin glowing. Mature skins can use Boost but need A-C-E Vitamin Serum under Boost. Acne prone skin types are best to use oil free Moisturisers.

For those living in the tropics BOOST Moisturiser is perfect. With constant perspiring, precious moisture is lost and needs to be replaced. Both Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA with hold and replace this moisture.

Usually $40.00 the cost will be $36.00 - until 27th February


You may have noticed "Pop-Up" shops in Shopping Centres, spruiking the wonders of Magnesium & MSM (Methyl Sufonyl Methane). It's really starting to catch on, but we have known about it for years. In fact "Cell Soother" was the very first product we developed. MiSMo specialise in Natural Pain Relief products and sell MSM and Magnesium Chloride Powder in packs as well as include the ingredients in our products.

Magnesium Gel Forte is a non-stick gel fortified with MSM which is simply amazing. Magnesium Chloride is absorbed through the skin, so all you need to do is gently rub the gel on the area, which is in pain. It takes between 20 and 25 minutes to be absorbed and it works like magic. 

Magnesium Gel is ideal to use in massage especially if you suffer from muscle aches and pains and cramping. The cost of this Pain Relief pack is $90.00 which is 10% cheaper than if you purchase the items separately.




Ooh La La! Check out our stunning range of eyeshadows. They are on special for just $17.50 until 27th February.This is a great opportunity to stock up on these vibrant colours, that are the latest fashion. 

MiSMo Eyeshadows are mineral based and have a beautiful vibrancy to them which can be enhanced by foiling. Foiling is a very easy technique that adds a metallic or wet-like finish to any pigment, perfect for a night out.



Another Sleepless night? read how Magnesium Gel can help here

Why MSM can help your skin here

5 Common Beauty Myths that can harm your skin here


Look at what some of our lovely customers have been saying about us! We really appreciate your feedback. If you would like to leave us some feedback go to the specific product page and scroll to the bottom of the page.

The Boost Moisturiser is amazing!
"Dear Irene and Mismo Team,
My Mismo order was delivered yesterday and this morning I have used the products.
The Boost moisturiser is amazing it is not oily, applying the mineral makeup over it was so easy.  I chose the Medium colour mineral makeup on your website recommendation, and it is a wonderful match for my skin.  Love the "how to" videos on your website, I now know how to apply the makeup correctly.
Kind regards Meredith K

My skin is clear, soft & glowing!
I love the product, I absolutely see results and would not use anything else now. At 41, my skin is clear, soft and glowing. Not long ago it was red, dry and agitated.
The Cell Soother is amazing and is the basis of my skin routine everyday...together with the Natural Face Cleaner, New Age Natural Moisturiser and Nourishing Cream...that is all I use. I love my Mismo product! Kate D




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