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MSM Book, Best Ingredients in Skin Care and more

First I'd like to congratulate MiSMo clients for being among the best educated on skin care in the country and beyond.

A beauty magazine I bought a few days ago had a big story on "How old is your skin" and went into recommendations what you should use at various ages. Well people, you are doing everything right.

A highlighted box which used a quote from a Beauty Clinic owner suggested "I recommend people buy one excellent product that will target both protection and repair. Again, if you had to choose one product, go for a good-quality vitamin A,C,E serum and apply it daily. On top of the serum, use a natural moisturiser with plant extracts."

The therapist went on to say "make sure you buy a more stable form of Vitamin C such as ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate".  She may as well have been writing about our A-C-E Vitamin serum. The description went on but you get the drift.

As they say in the ad - wait there's more - Hyaluronic Acid was also among the "must use" items. That is the main ingredient in Rejuvenating Gel. For those of you using ACE and Rejuvenating Gel with either Moisturiser or Nourishing Cream, (and that's most), you've hit the jackpot.

If you aren't on to these secrets for anti-ageing yet race over to Anti Aging serums
We have a few new items for you and for those in rain affected areas relief from those awful mosquito and sandfly bites.

New products for the month:

1. MSM book  
2. Cell Soother for mossie and sandfly bites - fast relief
3. Dermanew accessories.

1. MSM the Natural Solution for pain is the most comprehensive book available on the nutritional supplement MSM. It is written by Dr Stanley Jacob,(the guru on MSM) Ronald Lawrence MD and  Martin Zucker.

Chapters include looking at the many ailments MSM helps eg Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, joint pain, diabetes, constipation and skin issues plus many others.

Information about dosage, origins and all the other bits and pieces you always wanted to know. The MSM book is a great read for $22 plus postage if applicable. Remember if your order is over $100 postage is free.

2. Cell Soother is a great multi purpose gel.You will not find a better product to relieve bites and stings. Mosquitoes and sandflies are a huge problem in the rain affected areas so have a couple on hand and save the scratching.

Cell Soother can be used on your pets when an itch or rash is present.

Other uses include cold sores, kitchen burns, viral warts and muscle pain.

Then there is the multitude of ways to use Cell Soother in the beauty area. Uses as a toner, for pimples, skin calmer, after shave or for use after shaving heads, legs and after waxing. The list goes on and on. Every one of these problems has been proven time and time again.

It's easy to forget old favourites like Cell Soother - our very first product and still as potent as ever. Only $24.50 and lasts an age. Would you like to order your medicine in a tottle now?

3. DermaNew Specials and replacement items.

We've had lots of great feedback about the DermaNew Microdermabrasion Tool for home use. Read what Claire has to say.

"I was lucky enough to receive a microdermabrasion kit from my mum.  I have become a foundation free girl for the majority of time now as it has made my skin look radiant J

I also want to thank you for including the extra gift, the circular exfoliating ‘soap’  ( I have no idea what they call it!) that came with the kit. IT IS FANTASTIC!!

Its feels quite rough but in a nice way once you are used to it!! I am prone to a few congested areas, décolleté and tops of shoulders (blocked pores I am told) but just twice a week with a gentle once over with the ‘soap’ and my skin has cleared immensely!"

Anyone who buys a DermaNew Microdermabrasion Kit in the next month will receive an exfoliating soap for body use FREE of charge. These circular soaps havea grip or handle and are excellent to use before spray tanning or simply to buff away little lumps and bumps on legs, arms, back or anywhere else you care to use it - but NOT your  face.

Rejuvenating Microdermabrasion Kits still contain a double size tube of exfoliating cream so grab a bargain if you haven't already and save $50 on cream plus the $29.95 value of body exfoliating soap. My maths tell me that's a great buy.

DermaNew replacements in stock:  Spare sponges are all available.

A-C-E Success stories:

A beauty salon using A-C-E Vitamin C Serum reported excellent results from a young client with acne scarring after using ACE for a very short time.

Another client with a scar on her leg had tried all sorts of potions but ACE fixed the problem.

A client from WA who is salicylate intolerant and can't use most products has great results from ACE.

Victorian fan has found a much more even tone on her face and calming of Rosacea redness.

A-C-E Vitamin C Serum is gentle for sensitive skins but delivers powerful, visible results.

Are you looking after your skin internally and externally?

Good skin doesn't just come from what you apply . What you eat and suplements are very important as well.  if your skin is dry consider essential fatty acids like fish oil cod liver oil or evening primrose oil. Think of it as oiling your body from the inside.

Acne or problem skins are very often deficient in Vitamin A. This can be increased by foods or in juice form of carrots where the Vitamin A is bio available to the body very quickly. Supplements include Beta carotene in which the body only converts the amount of Vitamin A needed. Cod Liver Oiil fortified with Vitamina A and D by Meta Genics is a quality supplement worth considering. It will also help with problems such as sinus and dry eyes, often suffered by people with skin problems.

Water rehydrates the whole body and helps it function better. Think about how much water you have each day. Each cup of coffee or alcohol  will deplete the body and needs to be replaced with an extra glass of water.

Acidity is an ongoing problem these days. Fast food, sweet food, soft drinks, alcohol and coffee all contribute to acidity.

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