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MiSMo Summer Newsletter

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Packaging Changes
MiSMo Face Mitts
Clinical Trials
Australian Aesthetic Journal

First, a big "thank you" to you, our support base. MiSMo has had a great year with sales Australia wide. We are looking forward to a huge 2007. The bonus for people following the MiSMo routine is we will not look a day older, but considerably younger.

There have been a few changes to our packaging over the past months. Our Moisturiser and Nourishing Cream are now presented in the latest Airless Pumps. They are terrific for a number of reasons: They are hygienic, airtight, travel well and deliver a measured dose. The floor of the pump moves up as contents are used, so no waste either. The names have been simplified too. Moisturiser (formerly Rich Moisturiser) is a lighter formulation (less oils) for normal to oily skin and Nourishing Cream (formerly Deep Nourishing Cream) is for normal to dry skin.

MiSMo Mitts are selling well all over the country. They make beauty routines so simple and more effective. The teenagers are responding well too, as the Mitts remove the surface bacteria reducing acne. Don't forget to take your Cell Soother to the beach this summer. Soothe the sunburn and the bites with this all in one gel. Oh, if you get a cold sore from the wind and sun it will fix that too!

Clinical trials have commenced this week on a new product. It is a Rejuvenating Gel which is shaping up to be a fantastic anti ageing aid. Results have been seen after only 48 hours! Our super new ingredient is the latest in its field on the world stage. Watch this space as you will be the first to know.

The Australian Aesthetic Journal (for Beauty Therapists) ran an informative story on MSM in its Spring issue. We have copied that for you as it is rewarding to see such a large organization recognize the benefits of MSM to the skin and for pain control. A number of Beauty Therapists are now stocking our products.

Remember to give us a call or email any time we might be able to help you, especially with those Christmas gifts.

From the team here at MiSMo we wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!

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