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MiSMo May Newsletter

We’d like to thank you for choosing MiSMo Body Care and hope you will continue to enjoy our natural products and the benefits they bring to your skin. There have been some changes since the last newsletter so we are pleased to present an update and a few tips.

In this issue:

Mother's Day
NEW! Natural Exfoliator
NEW! Microfibre Face Cloths
NEW! PHP Treatment Mask
Winter Preparation Tips
Skin Food


There is still time for us to deliver by the big day.

Have you forgotten to buy for your Mum or has the family asked what you’d like for Mother’s Day? We can post to your Mum direct.

What better gift than one that lasts for months and helps you look your absolute best.

PLUS - with any MiSMo product purchased for Mother’s Day we’ll add a trial size of your choice. In the “Notes” box at the check out, simply write the name of the product you’d like to try for yourself or your mum.


MiSMo Natural Facial Exfoliator has been formulated as a replacement for the MiSMo Natural Facial Scrub. It is the “new improved version”. The main change has been to the use of micro beads as the exfoliating medium. They are minute and spherical, very gentle on any complexion.

The mix is creamier and the addition of a gentle citrus aroma completes a great product. The base of Natural Facial Exfoliator is our cleanser so if using it in the morning under the shower you only need to use Exfoliator.

The removal of dead skin cells is critical to any skin care routine. Your complexion will look clear and fresh. Another major benefit is clear pores. Blemishes usually result from the blockage of pores by dead cells and excess natural oil (sebum).

If you suffer from breakouts of any kind please don’t skip this important step 2 – 3 times a week. Sensitive skin once a week only and gently.



Due to overwhelming demand we now have a Microfibre Face cloth which is 30cm x 30cm square. They are a cream colour and exactly the same fabric as our MiSMo Mitt.

Men and teenagers are really enjoying using the face washer sized cloths. Males are notorious for not “washing” their faces. It is surprising how much better the texture of the nose is when regularly wiped with our Microfibre cloth. The nose is prone to a build up of excess oil and dead skin cells so this is an easy solution.

Of course they work just as well for the girls. Easy make-up removal using just water.

The super soft finish makes the Face cloth an excellent gift for babies, unique too.

Many children and adults can’t use soap so the microfibre cloths are the answer as they clean without the need for soap.

Elderly people are often not too strong or steady on their feet in the shower. Soap can make the shower or bath a little slippery so there is a safety feature in using a microfibre cloth. Soap or cleanser can be used, the choice is yours.

The cloths can be washed in the washing machine or in the sink with soap and water. Rinse well and hang to dry.


MiSMo have just released our new PHP Treatment Mask! The name stands for Purify, Hydrate and Plump. These are the results you can expect every time you treat yourself with this fabulous new mask.

With winter fast approaching, regular use of PHP will benefit your skin tremendously. Your skin’s moisture levels will rise considerably. Use it on your hands too. They are on show all your life but are often neglected until it is too late.

Lots of thought went in to creating the PHP Treatment Mask and the ingredients are luscious. Hyaluronic Acid is the ingredient being talked and written about by many large skin care companies in their advertising at the moment.

We have used heaps of Hyaluronic Acid in the PHP mask plus medical grade Manuka honey, colloidal oatmeal, MSM, Aloe Vera, Almond oil and Jojoba oil. They add up to a luxurious potion.


Coming into winter you will notice your skin starting to dry. A few tips for minimizing discomfort are listed:

  • Short, warm showers are the answer in winter. Long and hot are tempting but if the water feels too hot on your back, cool it down or dry, itchy skin will result.
  • Never let the shower flow directly on your face. It will contribute to visible capillaries (tiny veins) on the face.
  • Some areas have hard water. This will also make skin dry and itchy. Filters are available for shower heads and these help to soften water. Just do a Google search for filters shower heads or similar to find a supplier. The investment will be worth it.
  • Warm bath with oil. Think about adding some almond or macadamia oil to a warm bath. Either oil is readily available at your health food shop. Macadamia Oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids and these are great for your skin. Be careful when you get out as the bath may be slippery. Blot your skin dry so a coating of the oil remains on the skin.
  • Supplements of Flaxseed, Fish, or Cod Liver Oil are a great help. Lubricate your skin from the inside out. It really works. For Acne, Rosacea, Eczema or Psoriasis these are a must. Ask at your health food shop or pharmacy for guidance.
  • Take a daily dose of MSM powder for skin problems and general good health.
  • Once a week put aside a half an hour (an hour is better) to give yourself a facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturise. The results will show and you’ll feel better about yourself. You don’t have to lie down while the mask is on. Read a book or even iron but do use a mask.
  • Remember throat, décolletage, back of neck and hands when you moisturise. It will pay good dividends in years to come.


Think rainbow and fresh. The more colours in your fruit and vegetables, the more vitamins and minerals you are consuming. It is such an easy way to eat healthy. Even though winter is close here is a skin friendly salad to try.


Mix in a bowl:

Salad leaves, lettuce, rocket and spinach of your choice
Roma tomatoes in bite sized pieces
Avocado cubed
Pitted olives (optional)
Red and yellow capsicum either raw or roasted and skinned
1 tin Tuna (Sirena is a good one)
1 tablespoon of good quality olive oil
2 tablespoons of flavoured vinegar - balsamic, white or red wine types or
Half a lemon squeezed over salad
Black pepper

Other options: Capers, artichoke pieces, sprouts, feta cheese

If you do not like tinned fish this is an easy way to coax your taste buds. The flavour is not strong and the tuna is great for your skin and bones. Make it your own signature dish.


Until next issue, keep well and happy,

Irene and Peter McDonald

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