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MiSMo Autumn Newsletter

In this issue:

MSM powder – price reduction
New Product: MiSMo Firming Mask
Treat yourself to a Facial
Update on Rejuvenating Gel
Excellent recommendation and testimonial
Consultants and Beauty Salons required as stockists


At MiSMo we are very passionate about using MSM as a nutritional supplement in oral form. Its benefits are incredible, ranging from helping relieve pain to softening skin throughout the body. To help all our customers enjoy the outcomes of MSM we have reduced the price to an unbelievable $45 per kg (a saving of $15!). For the equivalent weight, health food shops charge $95 per kilo, or much more when sold in small containers. We also have 500g and 250g sizes available. Please read the article that appeared in the Australian Aesthetic Journal last year. It gives a good overview of the capabilities of MSM used orally.

NEW MiSMo FIRMING MASK - AVAILABLE NOW! $35 for 50g (enough for 20 masks)

MiSMo Firming Mask is an albumen (egg white) based mask which, when used regularly, helps firm and tone the skin. It will also leave your skin feeling silky soft.

Our firming mask is a pure and natural powdered formulation which contains: Albumen and cornflour, with dried botanicals of Chamomile, Spearmint, Orange blossom, Limeflowers, Lemongrass and Green Tea.

To mix, simply add a level teaspoon of Firming Mask to a similar amount of Cell Soother and you have a real treatment mask. Avoid the eye area, although over the crows feet is fine. Leave on for around 10 minutes or until dry and remove using cool water. The MSM in Cell Soother will soften and treat your skin cells while Aloe Vera helps regenerate skin cells much more quickly. What more could you want - SOFTEN, FIRM AND REGENERATE, all in one easy step!


Why not go all the way and treat yourself to an at home facial. You will look and feel a million dollars. Here’s the routine, best done once a week:

  1. Remove any makeup using your MiSMo mitt.
  2. On a moist face and neck apply a pearl size amount of Natural Facial Cleanser onto your middle finger. Divide between your middle fingers for even distribution. Massage lightly in small circles on the face and make large circles around your eyes using your middle fingers. Use upward strokes on your neck. Rinse off with cool water.
  3. On a moist face apply a pearl size amount of Natural Facial Scrub and very gently massage as described above. Rinse with cool water. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
  4. You can now decide on either our new Firming Mask or a Hydrating Mask using your existing Moisturiser and Cell Soother in a different manner.


After step 3, mix 1 small teaspoon of Firming Mask with Cell Soother into a moist gel paste and apply to face and neck, avoiding the eye area but including any crow’s feet. Wait around 10 minutes until it dries and rinse off with cool water and pat dry. Hot water stimulates skin and should always be avoided.

Apply a fine layer of Cell Soother, allow it to absorb and finish your facial with either Moisturiser or Nourishing Cream.

You will have cleansed, toned, exfoliated, nourished, firmed and hydrated your skin. Just like a salon without the price!


Apply a larger than usual amount of Cell Soother to your face and neck and let it sit on the surface of the skin. Follow with an extra large application of MiSMo Moisturiser so you have 2 layers. Relax for 15 minutes and rinse off any that hasn’t absorbed. Your skin will feel like silk. You can then apply a very small amount of your favourite moisturiser to seal in the hydration.

Would you like to try a sample of MiSMo Firming Mask? Just send a stamped self addressed envelope to:

Mismo Body Care
PO Box 1477


In our last newsletter I mentioned we were conducting a clinical trial on a new Rejuvenating Gel. The results were fantastic. 100% of the ladies who used the Rejuvenating Gel had a visible improvement, most within 1 week. We used different formulations on each side of the face. That was interesting!

The girls' (and one guy - thanks Geoff) skins were super soft, had improved texture and their complexions were plumped and hydrated, therefore younger looking. Lines were much less visible. A bonus is the nutritional value of our ingredients of MSM, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid. All those products are being used as nutritional supplements taken orally by people. This new serum is a true cosmeceutical (or nutraceutical). Both mean products which combine nutritional supplements with traditional skin care.

Not content with the success of our trial product, we decided to go a step further and combine nutrition with technology and include what is known as “peptide technology” in our Rejuvenating Gel. This active ingredient is “body identical” and accepted readily by the skin. It works a treat on crow’s feet and lines. Results of trials by Sederma who produce our new additive have consistently achieved reductions of around 45% in lines within 60 days. The end result of Mismo Rejuvenating Gel is as good a serum as you will find anywhere in the marketplace. Rejuvenating Gel is very nutritionally rich and quite different from most serums available in the marketplace (more pure). Companies who use peptide technology or hyaluronic acid or both include Estee Lauder’s Re Nutriv (about $180+), Strivectin ($240 a tube), and a number of large expensive brands. Our launch date has been delayed a little but the wait will be worth it. This product works and you will consider it your best friend within 2 weeks! When released, the Rejuvenating Gel will be priced at just $79.95!

Ladies are lined up waiting to buy the new Rejuvenating Gel - they want it NOW! Of course the ladies who so kindly took part in the trial can’t wait. We've had some fabulous comments:

“I felt so much more confident - I went to the shops without makeup for the first time in years”.

“I know I look better and my confidence has soared”.

“When can I buy it!”

“My family can see the difference between the 2 sides of my face in less than 2 weeks”

“Please take a photo of my hands too.” (This lady had been pumping the gel on to one hand before applying it to her face. The difference between hands was remarkable.)

“I am already using products containing Hyaluronic Acid but extra plumping and hydration was achieved with the Rejuvenating Gel”

During the trial, the ladies used 2 different gels, one on each side on the face to gauge the difference. While we didn’t look odd, the difference was obvious.

What more can I say for now? Watch this space girls and boys! You’ll be the first to know when MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel is launched.


We often receive testimonials and wonderful feedback on the MiSMo products, but this is the star on the Christmas tree. It is from a Beauty Industry stalwart and a guru in the trade. Tina Viney regularly speaks at international and national events on all aspects of Beauty Therapy and the various new products and treatments available. These words validate all we try to express to clients and potential clients. Tina uses the Mismo Nourishing Cream.

"I recently purchased a MiSMo Moisturiser as having known the benefits of the mineral MSM in the body I was fascinated about its benefits on the skin. Having a dry mature skin I only use the VERY BEST the industry has to offer and I have high expectations of my skincare. Being a relatively inexpensive product I was not sure what to expect but curiosity got the better of me. Within a week of use I noticed a softening of my fine lines around my eyes, but more importantly I was very impressed with the long-lasting hydration levels of my skin when using this product. I certainly will be buying it again."

Tina Viney Editor Australian Aesthetic Journal


As the popularity of Mismo skin care products soars we are in need of Beauty Salons to stock our products and Consultants to present our products to ladies by direct selling.

Please contact me via email or phone to discuss either of these options. We need representation in all States.

Email or Phone Irene on 0403 834 400

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