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​Zinc - Your very own natural sunscreen

While it is good to enjoy the great outdoors and get your Vitamin D fix, it’s very important particularly in our Australian climate to make sure we are protecting our skin while doing so and preferably protecting it naturally too.

Enter, the fantastic and extremely versatile mineral Zinc. Zinc is a mineral that has been used for decades for sun protection.

Zinc is able to reflect UV rays - both UVA and UVB as a matter of fact, as opposed to absorbing UV rays which is what chemical sunscreens do. Chemical sunscreens can also create free radicals on the skin which can, accelerate the ageing of skin, along with a host of other not so nice side effects – One of which you may have already experienced yourself and that is breakouts.


Zinc on the other hand will do no such thing. In fact, in addition to its sun protection qualities, Zinc also possess super calming properties and is excellent for Rosacea, acne or blemish type problem skins. Zinc has wonderful healing powers and is able to help strengthen the skin barrier which is essential for optimum skin health.

MiSMo has included Zinc in the New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen. This moisturiser provides a SPF of 15 and is a light matt cream. If you’re worried about it having a white sheen then don’t, as we use a micro (not nano) Zinc that quickly becomes clear on the skin as opposed to earlier forms of zinc that use to leave the skin with a white sheen.

If you looking to fortify your sun protection then a Natural Mineral Foundation over a SPF moisturiser is a great solution. Both MiSMo’s Mineral Powder and Liquid Mineral Foundations will work perfectly thanks to the inclusion of Zinc and Titanium Dioxide.

Choosing a natural solution for your sun protection will offer many benefits for not only your skins health but for your overall well-being too.


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