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What are AHA’s? – Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (or AHA's) are derived from milk or fruit sugars. There are quite a few out there however, the most common Alpha Hydroxy Acids used in skincare are lactic and glycolic acid. BHA's are Beta Hydroxy acids, excellent for dissolving blocked pores.

Ok, so what do AHA's do?

AHA’s serve a threefold purpose. To exfoliate, moisturise and reduce wrinkles. And these aren’t any hollow claims either, these magical little ingredients actually deliver on their promises. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are an ingredient that are scientifically proven to achieve results and genuinely penetrate the skin accordingly to produce the desired outcomes.

And this is exactly why we have chosen to include glycolic acids in the latest addition to the MiSMo skin care range – AHA Fruit Masque. We have also included the fruit acids of Bilberry, Lemon and Orange Extracts and fortified it with a secondary exfoliation ingredient, Jojoba Beads.

While the glycolic and fruit acids work to dissolve the dead skin cells, natural Jojoba beads help to gently remove these dead skin cells without harming the skin barrier or the environment. The Jojoba beads are able to exfoliate delicately because of their spherical shape.

Note to sun lovers

Because AHA’s are so effective, you will need to make sure you are mindful of sun exposure after using the AHA Fruit Masque. Using a natural mineral make up or a sunscreen (New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen would work perfectly) to protect your skin is recommended.

MiSMo includes AHA’s in one other product in case you were wondering and that’s Daily Face Wash. We’ve used both glycolic and salicylic acid in this product which is a highly effective gel face wash ideal for oily, blemish and Rosacea type skins.

So now that you're in the know about how effective AHA's are, why not try and see for yourself? AHA Fruit Masque is available now.


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