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Do I have stressed skin?

This time of the year is always busy. And often stress levels are increased with trying to get the million and one things done in time for Christmas. Stress can cause havoc with many things, skin being one of these.

If you are stressed you may notice subtle changes in your skins appearance. It may not be its usual bright self and look a little dull. You could even be suffering from some breakouts too.

It’s ok, this can be easily fixed, with some very basic, but highly effective skincare tips. Although, this will also require you trying to keep you stress levels in check too, in order to see a better outcome.

Exfoliation and nourishment, is what it all comes down too. Shedding unwanted skin cells can do wonders for your skins appearance. Whether it be trying to incorporate an exfoliation into your skincare routine, twice a week or using an exfoliation type mask once a week.

In which case my recommendation would be MiSMo’s MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream or AHA Fruit Masque with Jojoba beads. MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream will give your skin a deep exfoliation, that will leave your face feeling ultra-smooth as fresh underneath layers of the skin are revealed (Tick for any dull skins).

This particular formulation will target fine lines and wrinkles also as a result of the deeper exfoliation which leads to the deeper removal of dead skin cells.

AHA Fruit Masque offers dual benefits. AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) will help to dissolve the dead skin cells while the Jojoba beads will assist to further exfoliate and remove. This masque is perfect for decongesting, refining and brightening complexions.It even has some great anti-aging benefits too!

Now that we have the dullness at hand, it’s time to nourish. Feeding your skin with Vitamin’s offers so many benefits, hydrating just being one of these. Vitamin C in particular is wonderful for skin and can help to repair, brighten skins appearance, reduce sun damage and protect from further sun damage, and the benefits don’t stop there.

Including a Vitamin C serum into your nightly skin care routine will help to make your skin look more radiant and give it the pick me up it so desperately needs. MiSMo’s ACE Vitamin C Serum is perfect for stressed skins.

Before you start thinking this is going to add more into my busy day, don’t. The MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream can be at hand in your shower to use while you wash and the AHA Fruit Masque only takes a couple of minutes to apply. Pop it on while you do bits and pieces around the house, or even better still perhaps take a minute out of your day to just sit, lie down and take 5! Removing only takes a little while too.

ACE Vitamin C Serum you simply use after cleansing of an evening and then seal all of the goodness in with a moisturiser. Easy!



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