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​Our Top Skin Care Tips For Your Troubled Skin

When you suffer from skin issues it can be difficult to keep up your confidence, but by making improvements to your daily skin care ritual you can see improvements to your complexion. Here are the products we recommend for your skin care woes:

Sensitive, Rosacea, Psoriasis

If you suffer from sensitive skin your complexion can appear dry and ruddy. Likewise, when caring for conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis it is very important to use a skincare regime that will reduce irritation and redness to soothe and calm eruptions.

•Wash twice daily with either Natural Face Cleanseror Daily Face Wash 
•Use Natural Face Exfoliatoronce a week, gently
•Apply Rejuvenating Gelmorning and night
A-C-E Vitamin C Serumnightly (morning too in cold or very dry weather)
New Age Moisturiser each morning for oily to normal skin types. If you have dry skin, we recommend Anti Wrinkle Cream or Nourishing Cream AM and PM
PHP Treatment Maskonce a week to hydrate


Acne-prone skin can range from simple blemishes now and then to full blown out cyst type eruptions. By keeping your skin well cleansed and paying attention to ensuring you are washing your face both morning and night you can remove oils and grime that will clog pores and lead to further eruptions and break outs.

It is also important to take cues from your skin and when it feels or appears more irritated avoid using exfoliating products. However when skin is improving and is free of irritation exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells that can add to the clogging of pores.

Daily Face Washand Blemish Gel in the morning and evening
Exfoliator 2-3 times a week as long as your skin is not very irritated
BOOST morning and night for oily skin or New Age Moisturiserfor combination skin. Teenagers only need Blemish Gelas young skin is usually oily enough without any additional moisturisers.


Eczema can be particularly uncomfortable and therefore being cautious with the products you use is key.

Cleanser, Rejuvenating GelandNourishing Creammorning and night
PHP Treatment Maskonce a week for hydration

If you follow these skin care tips you will see improvements to your complexion for clearer, more comfortable skin that looks and feels great!

To enquire about any of the Mismo range of quality skincare products, our friendly team welcomes your call today on 07 5309 5513, or you can email us anytime at


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