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MSM Delivering Pain Relief for Anyone Who Loves Exercise

Lets face it, if you exercise regularly and are very active chances are you'll be prone to more injuries. 

Sports-related injuries can be debilitating and frustrating. For this reason, finding treatments and products that assist in a speedier recovery and healing process are always in high demand for active people.

MSM (source of organic sulphur) can assist with delivering benefits that will aid in recovery time, prevent more serious injuries, and also manage pain.

Collagen Loss

MSM assists with collagen found in muscle and joints. Collagen is not only needed to keep us looking younger, it is also required to keep cells more flexible. Collagen is found in connective tissue, and as we age we all experience gradual collagen loss. This affects our joints as it thins cartilage and we lose the protective cushioning required to make movement smooth and pain free. It can also cause our bodies to become less flexible making it easier to sustain injury.

Repetitive Strain

Trauma to muscles, joints and tendons because of repetitive movements, is common. Collagen allows you to remain better equipped to avoid repetitive strain injuries. Common injuries can include inflammation from strains, sprains and over-extended joints.

Soft Tissue Injury

Research indicates MSM makes cell walls more permeable, releasing toxins such as lactic acid and other waste products that can make it difficult to heal. Cells can then begin to heal themselves, and rejuvenate damaged cells and the scar tissue that commonly results from sports injuries.

In addition to taking MSM orally, MSM (about half a cup) in a warm bath can also aid in managing pain and help with reducing swelling and stiffness.

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