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MSM and Libido

MSM and Libido

We recently became aware of a little known or discussed extra benefit of MSM. This is the improvement that can be experienced in men's libido. While this is not an area we at MiSMo generally mention, it is only fair that customers, particularly male should be aware of this extra advantage.

By co-incidence, this week a customer mentioned several benefits he had gained by taking MSM. One of interest was that he no longer takes a little tablet starting with a V. That was when we decided to share the good news. Obviously this will not occur with every man.

I suggest you do your own research on this subject and would appreciate not asking questions of the staff on such a delicate topic. There is plenty of information on the web.

A teaspoon a day is an average dose of MSM but many people take 2 teaspoons. If you are not taking MSM already work up to 2 teaspoons.

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