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Meet Betty MiSMo's Longest Customer

Betty has been a loyal customer of MiSMo since the company began in 2005, when the range consisted of just 5 products; Cell Soother; (Which she uses on her little dog to help with rashes and itches);Nourishing Cream;Cleanser;Moisturiser and Exfoliator.

She has used MiSMo's anti-ageing range (Rejuvenating Gel, A-C-E Vitamin C Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Cream) religiously and often gets comments that she does not look her age. She doesn't have any crows feet or wrinkles and for someone who's 81 Betty says, "that's an added bonus."

Betty believes the MiSMo range is easy to use and very interchangable as she doesn't have to worry about using certain products for day or night."A little bit also goes along way too", she said, "which makes the range very affordable."

Betty first discovered MiSMo in an advertisement in a Magazine and then came across the range stocked in a salon nearby. Eventually she ended up purchasing products direct from MiSMo and the rest is history!


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