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Making a Super Magnesium Oil - For Strong Pain

The benefits of Magnesium Oil in regards to relieving muscle aches and pains is well documented - it goes without saying Magnesium is extremely effective when it comes to relaxing muscles.

But what if you were able to take Magnesium Oil to that next level and fortify it with something that would complement its muscle relaxant capabilities with the ability to relieve inflammation also - which would have a considerable impact on very strong pain.

The answer is MSM (Organic Sulphur). MSM will work perfectly in sync with Magnesium to deliver a very big pain relief hit, by helping to reduce the inflammation in the joints and assisting with pain reduction also.

It is an easy inclusion too, a simple recipe to try to make your very own super mix would be:

50g of Magnesium Chloride Powder
50ml of Distilled Drinkable Water
15g (3 heaped teaspoons) of MSM

As mentioned above, this is a strong mix, which you can dilute if you would like by 1:1 ratio using extra pure distilled water.

If you preferred to use products that are already formulated and ready to use, I would recommend MiSMo Cell Soother (MSM Gel) and Magnesium Gel Forte. They work with the same logic as above. You would simply apply the Cell Soother first followed by the Magnesium Gel Forte.

If you wanted to also take pain relief to another level again, then considering taking MSM (Organic Sulphur) orally is also an option. Targeting pain both orally and topically (on your body) is a great way to get results.

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