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Have you heard of the ingredient Olive Squalane?

Derived from olive oil, this ingredient has a rich history dating back to the Ancient Greeks who discovered its wonderful moisturising and sun protection qualities way back then.

Today, this ingredient has made quite the name for itself in the skincare industry, being touted by many beauty experts as a “facelift in a bottle.” It is also well documented as an antioxidant and because Olive Squalane is in fact already a natural constituent that accounts for 12% of our very own skins sebum, it is very readily absorbed by the skin.

We only have a short time in our lives where our own levels of Olive Squalane are at their highest as they began to decline very early on in our lives (around mid to late 20’s) so that means our 30’s are the perfect time to start sourcing skin care products that include the wonderful Olive Squalane.

MiSMo has been well aware of the fantastic qualities of Olive Squalane and have included this in quite a few MiSMo products.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream includes it for its anti-oxidant and moisturising properties. New Age Moisturiser and New Age Moisturiser with sunscreen includes it because of its wonderful nutritional qualities for the skin and as an extra SPF booster too.

Eye Cream Complex also includes Olive Squalane because of its lifting, oxygenation and moisturising qualities.

A great fact and huge benefits of Olive Squalane is, “it’s ability to rapidly penetrate the skin’s tissues, which it does on average at a rate of 3mm per second, “explained one source and that "it can intercept free radicals and prevents them from entering the system, also protecting skin from environmental stressors that lead to premature aging", says another.

Two exceptionally great reasons right there we believe to start using products with Olive Squalane included.


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