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Cell Soother and your pets

Cell Soother is such a versatile product with so many uses, and it turns out these uses are not just exclusively for you and I either. Your pets can benefit greatly too.

Cell Soother is essentially an MSM Gel.  MSM (Organic Sulphur) and Organic Aloe Vera combine their excellent properties to calm and soothe any inflammation together with healing and relieving any hot, sore and painful areas – whether it be skin or paw related.

We have customers who have used Cell Soother for all sorts of irritations on their trusty companions and with great success too.

From swollen paws due to a jumping ant, Cell Soother came to the rescue and was able to provide relief in a very short time (which evidently turned out to be more effective than the expensive visit to the vet!)

To pets suffering from skin conditions like Eczema that result in incessant scratching and itching, Cell Soother has been able to calm and soothe in these instances.

One friends little dog loved the ocean but used to suffer terrible itching afterward from some mite or organism in the water. They were prescribed all sorts of treatments from the vet which did not work so eventually tried Cell Soother and the result was one happy little dog. Happy owners too for such a small price.

In another case a working dog was attacked by a wild pig. The poor dog received an awful gash on the neck. The couple was looking at several hundred dollars in vet fees so they elected to give the dog an antibiotic to prevent infection and treat the gash themselves. Using just Cell Soother on the wound, the healing was remarkable and so fast .

Even as a spot treatment for joint pain and arthritis in older pets, Cell Soother provides pain relief and assists with reducing inflammation. In the instance of aging pets it is worth considering giving MSM orally to your pets also. It's a great way to target pain by treating both orally and topically (on the body).

From helping with insect bites, skin conditions like rosacea and acne, joint pain, scar treatment, sunburn, cold sores, even as an after shave, it seems pretty resounding that whether it be for yourself, family or your furry friends, Cell Soother is definitely a product that every household should have.




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