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Binders and Fillers and Coatings, Oh My!

Drugs, supplements and other pharmaceutical products often contain additional (listed and unlisted) ingredients, used to help bind them together, increase their size, artificially preserve them, improve their taste and/or appearance, or lubricate them for easier production and ingestion. The intention is to improve things overall, however some of these additives have been shown to hinder the absorption of certain nutrients, trigger allergies or lead to problems with the immune system.

There is a lot of information (and misinformation!) on the internet regarding which of these inactive ingredients cause issues, and of course everyone reacts differently, however here are some examples of the kinds of additives you may be ingesting along with your tablet or capsule form supplements:

BINDERS: Binders are used to make tablets hard and stay together in one lump

FILLERS/DILUENTS: Fillers are needed when the recommended dosage of something is so small that it would be difficult or impossible to take on its own.

COATINGS: Coatings are applied to mask unpleasant odours and tastes, to protect the insides from the environment, and help make tablets easier to swallow.

DISINTEGRANTS: Disintegrants are added to help the tablet break up once it’s been ingested.

LUBRICANTS/FLOW AGENTS: Lubricants are added to help raw materials flow through equipment in the manufacturing process.

COLOURS: Added simply to make the product more visually appealing

PRESERVATIVES: Added to extend the shelf-life of the product

FLAVOURS/SWEETENERS: Used to improve the flavour

At MiSMo we’re committed to providing the most natural product possible, and in supplying MSM and Magnesium Chloride in powder form we are avoiding the extra ingredients usually added to pills and capsules. Our MSM Powder is over 99% pure and we also stock Distilled MSM Powder with an even higher purity level. Plus we’re always happy to provide the certificate of analysis of our current batch on request so that you can see the exact purity level.


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