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What's Bleaching My Towels?

Benzyl Peroxide is an ingredient commonly used in acne products to treat and contain pimple breakouts. But did you know it’s also used for bleaching hair, teeth whitening and in the preparation of bleached flour too?

With this in mind, it’s safe to say Benzyl Peroxide’s bleaching properties are very powerful which is the reason why you’ll find your towels will become bleached too if any family members are using a product with this ingredient included.

You won’t run into any bleaching issues with MiSMo’s natural spot treatment, Blemish Gel. There’s absolutely NO Benzyl Peroxide included at all, only powerful plant based actives that will control and reduce pimples and provide necessary moisture and hydration also.


The active ingredient included in the Blemish Gel is Derived from Oleanolic Acid (Olive leaf Extract) and Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (Lignan in Trees) in an osmotic gel, this effective ingredient will reduce the amount of sebum available to nourish bacteria or plug pores and helps clear visible blemishes.

Together with other key ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, B3 and A, MSM and Organic Aloe Vera, MiSMo’s Blemish Gel is an active, yet still gentle on skin (and towels) acne treatment.

• Spots clear up faster and new spots are smaller
• Inflammation eases
• Kills bacteria
• Reduced oiliness
• Reduce the cause of acne and pimples
• Redness lessens so spots are not so obvious
• Hydrating



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