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Am I sensitive to Magnesium Oil?

People can have sensitivities to many things, including foods, pollens, dust and mould. These sensitivities can range in how they present and it can in some instances be difficult to pin point the exact cause. Sometimes a sensitivity can be caused by a deficiency in your own body and not necessarily the food, or product you have come in contact with. When it comes to Magnesium Oil, the discomfort you may be experiencing may not necessarily be the Magnesium causing it.

It has been suggested irritations and redness from using Magnesium Oil can occur possibly because your body is deficient in Magnesium. These sensitivities are harmless and will eventually stop occurring however, if you find this is happening, you can dilute your Magnesium Oil to your comfort levels, and slowly build up. You can dilute by 1:1, with extra pure distilled water if necessary.

Alternatively, you could just leave the oil on your body for 20-25mins after which time the Magnesium would have completely absorbed into your system and you could simply wash off. After a week of using the Magnesium Oil you should find you will be able to use the oil at its full strength without discomfort. This is because the Magnesium is doing its work, correcting any Magnesium deficiencies in your body. A full strength Magnesium Oil blend is 50g distilled water to 50g Magnesium Chloride Powder.

Another note to be aware of is if you feel a tingling sensation when you are applying the Magnesium Oil this is simply the Magnesium entering the skin, which once again is harmless.


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