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​3 Supplements for great Skin Health

While eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and following a good skincare routine is a big step towards great skin health there are a few extra steps you can take to help give your skincare an extra boost from the inside. We’ve chosen 3 supplements that we think can help considerably when it comes to skin health. 

MSM (source of Organic Sulphur)

MSM is a supplement that can assist with many health conditions and is more commonly know for its pain relieving qualities, but did you know that MSM can also help with improving your complexion too?

MSM keeps complexions clear and youthful through its synthesis of collagen and it's ability to enhance tissue pliability which encourages the repair of damaged skin – this makes MSM also highly beneficial in calming any inflamed problematic skin conditions.

MSM tends to help all skin conditions from a cellular level, which means it normalises damaged cells and brings them back to health.

People using products including MSM as an ingredient and taking MSM internally, notice their wrinkles are reduced and this is because as soon as skin softens, lines are less noticeable. 


Essential Fatty Acids - Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil

These supplements will oil your body from the inside!

Essential fatty acids or EFA’s help to produce the skin’s natural oils which is essential in keeping your skin hydrated, plump and subsequently more younger looking.

Essential Fatty acids are key to helping create a barrier to seal in the moisture.

EFA’s are also especially helpful for Rosacea or Acne suffers as they provide the building blocks to healthy cell membranes which are often compromised and need extra support in these skin conditions.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great supplement to not only boost your immunity but has very powerful anti-aging qualities too.

Vitamin C can assist with boosting collagen supplies which helps to keep skin wrinkle free and smooth while also contributing to the regeneration of Vitamin E which is responsible for the repair and protection from any free radical damage. Reducing free radical damage = increased anti-aging benefits.

As with everything, taking Vitamin C orally and using a Vitamin C serum topically is the perfect recipe for optimum skin health.

Looking for MiSMo products including these supplements?

ACE Vitamin C Serum – Vitamin C
Nourishing Cream – High in EFA’s and MSM
All products in the MiSMo skincare range include MSM except ACE Vitamin C Serum.


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