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    MSM Distilled 2.8kg

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    MSM DISTILLED PURE 2.8 kg - Postage Free

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    Distilled MSM is the purest form of MSM available.

    Are you looking for the absolutely most filtered, purest form of MSM? You have found it.

    There are 2 methods of manufacture, crystallization and distillation. MiSMo's regular MSM is produced by the crystallization method and this is an excellent quality, pure effective product without fillers or anti-caking agents.

    MiSMo Distilled MSM goes through a 4 stage distillation process to achieve maximum purity. The water content is below 0.1% the best you will find anywhere and is 99.97% pure.

    On occasions we were asked if we stock Distilled MSM so we decided to stock both for those clients who prefer this product. If you have any questions please feel free to call. We are happy to hear from you.Certificate of Analysis is available for you to check the purity.

    The manufacturing process used for Distilled MSM is more involved and results in a super purified product which is the reason for the extra cost. Both MSM products are pharmaceutical grade. Distilled MSM is a process where steam is captured thereby ensuring the most purified crystals possible.

    Distilled MSM looks and tastes the same as crystallised MSM. The crystals resemble sugar but are longer than sugar grains. MiSMo MSM has NOT been irradiated.



    What is MSM?

    MSM - (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a vegan friendly source of Organic Sulphur. Sulphur is the 4th most abundant mineral in our body. As we grow older the supplies of sulphur, present in every cell of the body, decline. MSM provides a supplement, in a safe, easy manner. MSM is neither a drug nor a medicine. It is a food supplement which is readily absorbed by the body. MiSMo MSM powder is pure. Absolutely no fillers or anti caking agents are added. Sulphur is also spelled as sulfur. Our MSM is supplied in double zip locked bags.


    Yes - no fillers or anti-caking additives are used in MiSMo MSM. The best quality MSM resembles white sugar and the crystals dissolve easily in water or juice. It has a taste similar to tonic water and looks like sugar. Pure MSM forms lumps as the crystals attract. Pure MSM powder also drops to the bottom of a glass when added to water; fillers would float.  

    Quality MSM is as clear as water when dissolved.

    Very often if you buy MSM that is a fine powder, these additives are used, the reason being finely ground MSM sets hard. The quality of this type of MSM is also questionable.

    The best quality MSM is clear when dissolved


    MSM powder is a wonderful product and we have many testimonials to back up our experience with this supplement.


    MSM is often described as "nature’s beauty mineral", because it helps keep the skin smooth and youthful. Sulphur is necessary for the production of collagen and keratin, proteins necessary for health and maintenance of skin, nails and hair. MSM helps cells become more permeable therefore slowing the visible effects of aging and line formation. Scars can soften from the inside out. I can vouch for that. When taking MSM powder, all of your skin benefits - not just where you apply creams.

    Dr Stanley Jacobs has worked with and researched MSM for over 30 years in his pain clinic in Portland, Oregon. There have been several books written on MSM over the years, my favourite being "The Miracle of MSM – A natural solution to pain" by Dr. Stanley Jacobs and Dr Martin Lawrence.

    Sulfur is an essential component of many compounds and processes in the body and is necessary for the synthesis of collagen and elastin  and enzymes. In the body Sulphur:

    • Maintains cell membrane flexibility and permeability promoting healthier skin cells.
    • Provides the body with essential sulphur needed to create new cells, repair and replace damaged tissues.
    • Promotes connective tissue health and the formation of collagen


    WARNING: If you are taking strong blood thinning drugs such as Warfrin only  take MSM powder after consulting with your doctor. This is the only drug Dr Jacobs openly suggests avoiding. 

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are having blood tests for liver function please discontinue MSM 5 days before test as according to Dr Stanley Jacobs, it can cause false positives.

    This information is not intended to replace medical advice. Always check with your doctor for individual instruction. The length of time for results to become obvious varies with each individual.

    MSM Powder - Organic sulphur is an excellent nutritional supplement

    Wondering what the difference is between Distilled MSM and MSM Powder? Click HERE to find out.

    Pure distilled MSM.100% w/w Dimethyl Sulfone AUST L 256755

    Dosage: Take between 2-8 grams daily in water or juice. A level teaspoon is approximately 4 grams. Oral doses are dependent on individual problems. Someone experiencing severe pain may need to take MSM twice a day to achieve relief. If taking twice a day it is recommended the second dose be taken between lunch and mid afternoon because you may gain extra energy. If taken too close to bed time you may not sleep as well. This is a guide only. By using MSM orally and topically (in a cream or gel), the best results will be achieved.

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