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    Magnesium Gel Forte 500ml

    MiSMo Magnesium Gel Forte is a transdermal gel that helps ease pain and increase magnesium in the body. Luxurious feel body lotion, non drying.

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    Magnesium Gel Forte is a body lotion/gel containing a very high percentage ofMagnesium Chloride, fortified with MSM. Both minerals are excellent natural, nutritional supplements which help ease pain. Some magnesium gels on the market contain as little as 5% but MiSMo use more than 4 times this amount.

    This is a great way to increase Magnesium levels without taking oral supplements. Magnesium Chloride absorbs through the skin very easily, bypassing the digestive system, where diarrhoea can be a problem when taking oral supplements.

    Magnesium Chloride is produced from pristine sea water after sodium chloride is removed. This is a natural mineral.


    Read an article on Magnesium by Walter Last from Nexus Magazine.

    Magnesium Chloride Powder is now available in Food Grade for use as Magnesium Oil or for baths and soaks.


    Most adults - sadly most adults are deficient in Magnesium. Anyone who has had recent illness or is presently ill will also benefit. Great for pregnant women too.

    Watch the video to hear how Magnesium Gel Forte has helped tradie Luke's back pain and tendonitis.


    Magnesium Gel Forte is perfect to use in massage to release tight muscles. Other areas of help:

    • Problem sleeping? apply before bed
    • Restless legs
    • Cramps
    • Pain from arthritis or joint pain
    • Anxiety
    • Immune System
    • Insulin Metabolism
    • Headaches
    • Boost Libido
    • Increase DHEA levels naturally

    Dr Norman Sheely author of Holy Water, Sacred Oil the Fountain of Youth, maintains normal levels of DHEA can be restored in 4 weeks by applying Transdermal magnesium chloride.
    DHEA is the health and youth hormone and Magnesium Gel Forte helps you increase DHEA naturally. Increasing the levels help a myriad of health problems.
    This information is not intended to be medical advice. Please see your medical practitioner for serious pain without delay.

    Ingredients: Purified Water; Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate; MSM; Organic Aloe Vera juice; Rice bran oil; Hyaluronic Acid; Xantham gun; D-panthenol; Potassium sorbate; Sodium benzoate; Sodium Hydroxide; Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer

    Magnesium Gel Forte is designed to work as a body lotion while delivering mineral benefits. One teaspoon (5 grams) contains 1.2 grams of Magnesium chloride, an excellent boost for your body. MSM is an anti-inflammatory which, when combined with Magnesium chloride, is an even bigger help with pain control. Our famous Hyaluronic Acid is included for the luxurious hydration it provides.Organic Aloe Vera and rice bran oil are included for moisturising.

    Use as a lotion, ideally 1 teaspoon once (twice a day is even better). Apply to any painful areas, arms, legs, tummy and shoulders and back of neck if you have headaches. 1 teaspoon = 5 grams which contains 1.2 grams magnesium chloride.

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    lorraine freer
    The magnesium gel forte s the best product I have ever used to relieve muscle pain. I have a shoulder problem that causes pain at night making it difficult to sleep. I rub magnesium forte in to it before bed and the pain goes away allowing me to sleep peacefully. thankyou for a wonderful product.

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