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MSM Powder Vs Distilled MSM

We are often asked the question what is the difference between MSM Powder and Distilled MSM, so we thought it might be worth sharing the explanation. While
both look and taste the same the difference between the two lies in the manufacturing process.

MSM Powder is manufactured using a crystallisation method called centrifuge (fast spinning method) where crystals are captured on the side of the tank.
We still call this MSM Powder because the word “powder” has become synonymous with MSM. Both forms of MiSMo MSM are crystals.

The manufacturing process for Distilled MSM is much more intense, resulting in a super purified product. Distilled MSM goes through a 4 stage distillation
process where steam is captured at the very top and impurities fall to the bottom, which ensures the highest purity. This more involved manufacturing
process is why the cost is higher for this product.

When we talk about purity in terms of the manufacturing process this refers to the highest quality water of water used and the analysis of the crystals
meeting the highest standards possible what is called the Certificate of Analysis. Pure also means NO additives which include the extra little ingredients
many companies use to keep the crystals from becoming hard. If your MSM is not perfectly clear when dissolved something has been added – gospel truth.

Something extra to note in regards to MSM, is there are also varying grades. MiSMo MSM is the highest grade – pharmaceutical grade, which is a fantastic
point of difference for MiSMo MSM. Both MSM’s are also listed with the TGA.


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