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    MSM Relief Pack

    MSM Relief Pack can help treat pain topically and orally. It's the best way to treat strong pain.

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    Includes 850g MSM Powder, 250ml Magnesium Gel Forte and 125ml Cell Soother (MSM Gel)


    When pain is the issue, the best relief can often be achieved when treatment is used both orally and topically (applying to the skin). MSM is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help relieve pain caused by:
    • Arthritis
    • Joint Pain
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Irritable Bowel syndrome
    • Tendonitis or Bursitis

    MSM is Vegan Friendly; Pharmaceutical Grade; a listed TGA product;

    Sprained ankle or have severe pain? We have found using both Cell Soother and Magnesium Gel Forte enhances pain relief and delivers a really big hit. Use Cell Soother first and follow with Magnesium Gel.

    Our customers have reported the similar results when using both products.

    The two gels work in sync as MSM (Cell Soother) is an anti-inflammatory and Magnesium relaxes muscle tightness.

    Also available in a pack with Distilled MSM

    Oral Use for MSM only: A daily average dose of 4-5 grams (a teaspoon) in a glass of water or juice provides relief for most people. However, if higher levels of pain are experienced, the dose can be safely increased to 2 -3 teaspoons daily. This could be split between a morning and lunch time dose. It is recommended MSM not be taken after 4 or 5pm as some people experience more energy and do not sleep as well. This is in a minority of cases we hear about, but is worth mentioning.

    Topical Use for Magnesium Gel Forte and Cell Soother: Where pain is experienced in knees, ankles, elbows or the like, more relief will be gained when also applying gels containing MSM or MSM and Magnesium Chloride.

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    I went over on my ankle twisting it badly on the first day of a recent trip. I had both Magnesium Gel Forte and Cell Soother with me and applied Magnesium Gel during the day. This kept the swelling at bay and eased the pain. Next morning the pain was extreme and I could barely walk so used Cell Soother, followed by Magnesium Gel. I was amazed that the pain was GONE within half an hour and did not return. The trip away was not spoiled as looked likely. The swelling that came up during the night remained for a few days, but more importantly I felt zero pain.

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