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MSM (Organic Sulphur) And You

Do you endure pain from arthritis, joint pain or gout? Maybe you have a skin condition. If so read on.

Sulphur plays many important roles in your body and is what makes a big difference to many specific health and skin conditions like pain, arthritis, allergies,
acne and rosacea.

We often need to supplement sulphur and MSM is the ideal and easy way to do this.

MSM is a source of organic sulphur and can help you manage your health issues so you start enjoying life and hobbies again pain free.

Did you know that Sulfur is the eighth most abundant element in all living organisms?

“In our bodies, sulphur forms part of virtually all tissue, especially those highest in protein, such as red blood cells, muscles, skin and hair,” explains
Dr Stanley Jacobs in the book, The Miracle of MSM.

“Sulfur is a major ingredient of important amino acids – the building blocks of protein. Proteins are the primary constituents of enzymes, hormones,
antibodies and the countless biochemical activities continually going on in the body.”

Sulphur also plays a major role in the body’s other systems, including detoxification, helping to convert carbohydrates into energy, regulating normal
insulin functionality and combining vital metabolic intermediates, such as glutathione (also known as the master antioxidant).

You can find Sulphur in certain foods like fish, organic beef and poultry, organic pasturised eggs, garlic and onions just to list a few, although,
you would need to eat 450g of garlic a day in order to get the recommended daily dose of sulphur – that’s a lot of garlic!

With having to consume large amounts of certain foods to get our sulphur fix coupled with the shift in modern diets to processed types foods, air pollution
and agricultural changes, our bodies just aren’t getting the sulphur it needs and requires for every day living, so supplementing it with MSM is a
great way to ensure your sulphur levels remain topped up.



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