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MSM for Animals and Pets

A happy dog and cat on MSM

SAFE PAIN RELIEF - EVEN FOR CATS . . . MSM ! . . . Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is widely acclaimed by vets and horse studs for its contribution to equine health care and pet ailments. MSM is a food supplement used throughout the equine and pet industry in the US, being relatively new to Australia. Working horses, particularly those, which compete on the racetrack or in the show ring, suffer sore backs. Observant owners will notice discomfort, bruising, hair loss and even open sores in the saddle area. MSM has been used and has been shown to improve their condition.*

MSM is credited with clearing up and preventing, epiphysitis (inflammation of the growth centre just above the knee) in fast young growing horses. Overfeeding with a high protein diet is one cause for epiphysitis. MSM relieves a variety of horse ailments and lameness problems along with reducing inflammation and enhancing blood circulation.

Since most horses are social animals, disregarded communicable diseases can lead to disaster.

Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis is a disorder that quickly manifests itself in healthy horses. The parasite enters the horse through infected food and water supplies and settles within the spinal cord. Symptoms include - loss of appetite, depression and loss of motor control as the disease progresses. A master of disguise, this serious disease can be difficult to diagnose because signs often mimic other health problems in the horse. More than 50% of horses in the US may have been exposed. The disease is not transmitted from horse to horse. The protozoa are spread by a host.. The infective stage of the organism, the sporocysts, is passed in the host’s faeces. The horse comes into contact with the infective sporocysts while grazing or eating contaminated feed or drinking water. Once ingested, the sporocysts migrate from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream and cross the blood-brain barrier and attack the horse's central nervous system. MSM has been shown to assist this condition.

MSM provides horses and pets with relief from arthritis. MSM was added to the diet of a thoroughbred jumper with chronic back problems, who improved dramatically and was able to go onto a healthy and extended jumping career. MSM cleared up epiphysitis in three weeks on a young thoroughbred filly. Animals given MSM showed a delayed onset of tumours, equivalent to 10 years in humans.*

MSM clears up inflammation and enhances circulation. MSM is present in food when it is very fresh, it can be driven out of any food by even moderate passing, including the cutting and drying of hay. It is important to supplement most diets with a pure source of MSM.

Nutritionists, vets, & horse owners report excellent results from feeding of MSM daily. MSM provides a dietary source of sulfur, an element that is essential in the formation of connective tissue. Animals given MSM in their water supplies had lower death rates and liver damage.*

QUESTION: What is MSM, Is It Safe?

MSM is an organic compound that comes in the form of a white crystalline powder, derived from DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and lignin (Both superfluous products of the paper making industry). MSM is one of the safest compounds known, with the toxicity of drinking water!

Arthritis can cause dogs and cats to become stiff or lame, they struggle to get lo their feet in the morning or cry out in pain. Joint inflammation occurs in dogs most commonly when there are degenerative changes in malformed joints, such as with hip dysplasia. Arthritis can also result from trauma, infection or immune related diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Very little arthritis is seen in cats. Although some pure bred cats are known to have joint problems. When cats do have chronic pain the most common cause is osteoarthritis. Trying to find pain relief for pets with arthritis can be difficult and most vets prescribe Asprin – but it has the potential for gastrointestinal problems such as hemorrhaging or even ulcers.

MSM has been studied in dogs and proven safe. Cats have it even worse because of their unique physiology, which doesn't always respond well to medicines that benefit dogs and humans. There are no medicines licensed for use in cats to treat chronic pain. Most NSAIDs such as Aspirin, Aleve and Ibuprofen are toxic to cats, because the feline liver is unable to break down the chemicals. A single dose of Aspirin or similar can be fatal to a cat. An aging cat moved slowly and seemed to be dragging his back legs. Given MSM daily it ran as if it were a one year old.*

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Question: How much MSM should I feed my horse?

450kg horse one gram per 45kg body weight twice a day or as directed by your vet. Also mix MSM in the horses drinking water. Animals given MSM in their water supplies had lower death rates and liver damage than the control groups and a longer life expectancy.

Question: How much MSM should I feed my dog or cat?

Feed (500 mg.) once a day per 12kg
Over 40kg, 1 teaspoon MSM daily.
Also mix a pinch in their drinking water. Animals who were given MSM in their water supplies had lower death rates and liver damage than the control groups and a longer life expectancy.

Acral lick granulomas - can occur secondary to allergies or also secondary to injuries, underlying bone infection, bacterial skin infection, parasites and other physical causes. Lesions are thought to be due to stress or boredom in some dogs and can be considered an obsessive/compulsive disorder in others. Treatment is often successful with MSM.

Acne - Presents itself as bumps on a dog's chin that resemble those seen with acne in people. In some cases this can be the result of allergic reactions. Plastic food bowls may be a source of these reactions in some dogs. MSM is good for acne in dogs so give them the recommended serving and remove all plastic food bowls.

Cataracts - In the early stages MSM will help tremendously with blood circulation. MSM is not a cure for cataracts. Please check with your vet for the safety of your pet.

Diabetes - genetic factors play a role in the cause of diabetes in dogs and cats as well as obesity. Weight loss is the first sign that something might be wrong. Dogs and cats lose their ability to process sugar. Dogs and cats begin to burn fat and thus lose weight. In this case, fat will accumulate in the liver, eventually leading to problems. Try MSM.

Diabetes Insipidus Disorder - in which the kidney is insensitive anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) or, in which there is insufficient hormone available. The result is excessive drinking and urination. This is one cause of changes in urinary habits leading to problems with urination.. If your dog suddenly begins urinating non-stop around the house, you know that problem may be Diabetes. MSM assists pancreas recovery.

Epilepsy and Seizures - dogs and cats can get epilepsy. When a seizure occurs without explanation, the seizure becomes known as Epilepsy. Essentially, if a seizure can't be diagnosed, it's termed as epilepsy. If the Epilepsy occurs in the first two to three years of your pet's life, it may be congenital. Causes include brain tumours, viral disease, fungal infections, trauma and vascular diseases. Symptoms include, difficulty walking, gait problems, falling down and blindness. Many vets use MSM for treatment.

Feline Leukaemia - some cats develop immunity to this virus. In this case, the cat may never become ill from the virus. While some cats can suppress this disease, others have the virus running through their bloodstreams constantly, these are considered carriers of the disease. In some cases, cats die from the initial infection. The symptoms can present as bladder infections. Try giving your cat MSM.

Giardia Parasite - that lives in the intestine of affected animals. It is unclear whether there are several species of this parasite or whether there is one species that affects several different animals, These small parasites are very easy to miss on a faecal examination and may not be present in the stool of animals infected with the organism. Try MSM.

Hip Dysplasia - hard to diagnose, as it can be present with or without clinical signs. This condition presents itself when the dog or cats limbs become lame one or both sides. Arthritis can develop making the condition even worse Arthritis develops due to the malformation of the hip joint. Young dogs and cats may exhibit symptoms and pain during their younger years. A dog or cat will appear well until Arthritis begins to affect the them. Give them MSM on a daily basis.

Hot Spots - rapidly appearing skin infections which show an oozing discharge. We've all witnessed our dogs scratching, chewing or biting at their hind legs. The most common causes of this condition are fleas, allergies, tick bites, matting, mosquitoes and hot summer days can cause the initial irritation. Put MSM in their daily water, you might be surprised!

Lupus - in this disease the body is actually attacking its own immune system. Numerous health related systems can be affected at one time such as; kidneys, blood and skin. Vets have been giving MSM to pets with lupus for years.

MSM can improve and extend the quality of life for most ageing, pain inflicted pets by eliminating the pain.


"Two of the race horses were near their lifetime records in their second starts after being on 20grams PURE MSM for less than a month".. .Dr Reigel (Vet & Author)
“I saw a big difference in the horses receiving pure MSM. They are doing better overall and have fewer medical problems . The most impressive thing is how much better they are training!"..... M Fisher (Experienced trainer)


*All examples are US and Canadian models*


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