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MSM Benefits – Not just for pain relief

Whilst Irene the director and owner of MiSMo Body Care has over 12 years knowledge and experience with MSM (Organic Sulphur), I myself am a newbie to MSM.

I am a very active person, doing gym 6 days a week with lots of walks and runs in between, so I mainly suffer from muscle soreness if anything.  I cannot complain of any ailments such as arthritis or pain which would usually be the cause to look for MSM, but have started taking it for the general health benefits.

Results?  DEFINITELY!  After just two weeks of taking my 1 teaspoon daily I find I have so much more energy!  With the amount of activity I do, I would usually find myself dragging my feet in the morning to do my 5am walks and on Friday night blobbing on the couch with a DVD feeling exhausted.  However I now feel rested and it’s easy to get up in the mornings with energy to spare after work.  I have also noticed an increase in the strength of my nails, which have ALWAYS been brittle and peeling and my recovery time from muscle soreness has improved too.

So my attitude towards MSM has changed from looking at it as a treatment for pain relief and illnesses, to regarding it as a general health supplement, like taking a multi vitamin every day.

I will be keeping a close eye on my skin and hair condition in the next few months, as MSM should see improvement in these too. 

As an MSM convert, I am happy to endorse MiSMo MSM (as I know it’s pharmaceutical grade with no fillers) and will be spreading the news to my friends.


All the Best,


Lauren from the MiSMo Team

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