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    Nourishing Cream 250ml

    MiSMo Nourishing Cream is a premium Natural Moisturiser containing MSM, organic Aloe Vera and natural oils. Perfect as an Eye Cream. Natural skincare contains MSM, organic sulphur which does wonders for the skin.

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    MiSMo Nourishing Cream is a light, yet rich MSM cream, great if you have a normal to dry skin type. It is extremely popular and an ideal anti-ageing partner to MiSMo serums. For a natural moisturizer which makes your skin smoother and younger and that you truly love using, this is your answer.

    Perfect for Rosacea if you are in the normal to dry/mature range. MSM (Organic Sulphur) calms and helps restore skin health for Rosacea. An ideal base for MiSMo Mineral Makeup.

    Benefits of MiSMo Nourishing cream include:

    • Keeps skin hydrated all day (great for air travel)
    • Good makeup base (liquid or mineral)
    • Suitable for men with dry skin too
    • Nourishing Cream is especially beneficial when used on sensitive and dehydrated skins.
      If you suffer from Rosacea, Psoriasis and Eczema you will find our creams extremely
      hydrating, calming and non-irritating.
    • Replenishes moisture in dry skins
    • Gives your skin a smooth radiant finish
    • Increases elasticity in skin
    • Lessens lines and wrinkles
    • Calms red skin caused by Rosacea and Acne conditions

    Why not give your skin care routine an extra boost - from the inside! MiSMo's core ingredient MSM is also available as a supplement. Pure MSM Powder taken daily dissolved in water will not only help your hair, skin and nails look their best, but is also widely used for natural pain relief. Find out more about MSM, also known as Organic Sulphur, on our ingredients page, or read about the many benefits of MSM Powder here.

    Nourishing Cream has an exotic blend of vitamin and mineral rich natural oils to help nurture the skin. MSM (organic sulphur), is a fantastic ingredient which has great softening, anti-ageing and healing abilities. It absorbs quickly and effectively, leaving your skin feeling silky soft. This cream also contains ORGANIC ALOE VERA, well known for its moisturising and cell renewal abilities. Nourishing Cream is a wonderful natural moisturiser.

    Other key ingredients include MACADAMIA and JOJOBA OIL, which are close to the natural sebum of our own skins and contain Essential Fatty Acids. Oils of SWEET ALMOND, APRICOT KERNEL, and COCONUT are easily absorbed and replenish supplies ofVITAMINS A, B, C & E, MAGNESIUM, THIAMIN,andPOTASSIUM.SHEA BUTTERis a rich emollient that lubricates and increases the elasticity of the skin.

    Apply MiSMo Nourishing Cream morning and night after cleansing the face and neck. For best results, use MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel as an intensive anti-ageing serum on face, neck and around eyes before the cream.

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