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    New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen 250ml

    MiSMo New Age Moisturiser with sunscreen is ideal for those looking for a good moisturiser with SPF (around 15), broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Great for Rosacea sufferers and acne prone skin types.

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    New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen is excellent to use on your face in the morning as a daily moisturiser but also at night to help calm redness.  



    New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen is a a variation of our regular New Age Moisturiser. Zinc is the ingredient included for sun protection.

    Perfect for those looking for a good moisturiser with spf (around 15), broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Great help for Rosacea sufferers, acne prone skin types to calm redness and irritation.

    WHY SPF 15 NOT 30?

    The SPF factor is around 15 and provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection from zinc.

    New Age with Sunscreen is a "moisturiser with sunscreen" not a straight "sunscreen". Sunscreens usually have much heavier cream bases to compensate for the volume of sunscreen used, often causing breakouts and clogged pores.

    When making a quality moisturiser with sunscreen, the amount of zinc used is less, resulting in a lower but still effective SPF for everyday use. How many years did we use 15 SPF quite happily and not get sunburned?


    • can be worn at night
    • matt finish
    • ideal for men
    • natural ingredients
    • clear finish (doesn't look white)
    • calms irritated and red skin
    • helps heal pimples
    • hydrates and plumps your complexion with hyaluronic acid
    • daily sun protection
    • strengthens skin barrier



    Zinc reflects UV rays, both UVA and UVB, where chemical sunscreens absorb the UV rays. Chemical sunscreens can create free radicals on the skin which at the very least can accelerate ageing of the skin and that means wrinkles. Chemical sunscreens are notorious for causing breakouts so we would never consider using them at MiSMo.

    Zinc is a super calming ingredient which is excellent for Rosacea, acne or blemish prone problems. Healing power is also increased. Those with Rosacea, blemishes, eczema or any skin issues have a compromised outer skin barrier which needs to be strengthened so a return to good skin health can occur.

    Regular sunscreen can be too heavy or oily on the face where New Age with Sunscreen is a light, matt finish cream, an ideal base for mineral makeup.


    Treating Rosacea is best thought of as a jigsaw puzzle. Many aspects need to be dealt with. New Age with Sunscreen is designed to address:

    • inflammation
    • redness
    • dehydration
    • compromised skin barrier
    • irritation
    • sun protection
    For lots more information about Rosacea please read here


    Along with the ingredients that make New Age Moisturiser great, we also include ZINC - a safe natural mineral which has been used for decades for sun protection. Earlier forms of zinc used to leave the skin with a white sheen but this is a micro (not nano) zinc that quickly becomes clear on the skin.

    We’ve also included a high percentage of our famous HYALURONIC ACID - plumps and smooths skin (magic!)
    VITAMIN A (Retinyl Palmitate) - helps keep pores clear and strengthens skin
    VITAMIN B3 (Nicotinamide) - excellent for fighting the signs of ageing, evens skin tone, strengthens skin barrier
    OLIVE SQUALANE - fine oil that mimics natural skin oils. Great nutrition for the skin
    MACADAMIA OIL - very close to our own natural sebum (oil)

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