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    PHP Treatment Mask 50g

    MiSMo PHP Hydrating Mask is a Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask perfect for dry skin,Rosacea and Anti Aging. Just beautiful to use, try some now.

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    Cleanse - Apply - Rest - Remove - Moisturise - that's it!

    MiSMo PHP Treatment Mask is a rich hydrating face mask which contains lashings of Hyaluronic Acid - the king of hydrators. It is marvelous for all skin types, especially winter damaged, sun damaged, sensitive, Rosacea, Eczema and Acne. Once you've used it you will be addicted. If you're looking for an effective anti-ageing treatments routine, include our PHP Mask.

    Benefits of the PHP Treatment Mask include:

    • Anti-ageing results
    • Calms sensitive skin
    • Soothes Eczema
    • Accelerates healing of pimples
    • Replaces lost moisture
    • Softens and plumps complexion
    • Draws toxins from skin
    • Anti-bacterial

    PHP Treatment mask detoxifies, hydrates and plumps the skin all in one mask. The effects are long lasting, and skin is left feeling like you’ve been to the Beauty Salon. Fantastic to use before a big event to look your best! Hyaluronic Acid products are in demand because they actually show improvement in your skin, quickly. Don't miss out on this super ingredient.

    PHP Treatment Mask has NO ADDED FRAGRANCE.

    Use PHP Treatment Mask on your hands too. Apply over hands, allow to absorb for about 10 minutes. At this point you will be able to roll the cream off your hands and achieve a beautiful exfoliation. No need to remove the mask after this. If you really want to rejuvenate your hands, now apply A-C-E Vitamin Serum and get ready for young hands again if you use daily.

    An array of beautiful ingredients, each with a specific purpose, are used to provide multiple benefits in one hydrating treatment.

    Why not give your skin care routine an extra boost - from the inside! MiSMo's core ingredient MSM is also available as a supplement. Pure MSM Powder taken daily dissolved in water will not only help your hair, skin and nails look their best, but is also widely used for natural pain relief. Find out more about MSM, also known as Organic Sulphur, on our ingredients page, or read about the many benefits of MSM Powder here.

    KAOLIN OR CHINA CLAY: Draws toxins from deep within cells and holds for removal

    COLLOIDAL OATMEAL: Anti-ageing, softens skin, draws impurities from pores, reduces redness, skin protectant.

    MANUKA HONEY: Medical grade. Anti- bacterial, hydrating, healing, smells great

    MSM: To soften cell walls, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, provides nutrients to individual skin cells

    ORGANIC ALOE VERA: To regenerate cells, promote exfoliation, calm skin, heal acne

    HYALURONIC ACID: The King of Hydrators - replaces lost moisture in extra cellular matrix and the epidermal layer, plumps cells, reduces redness, soften skin to silk status. Also helps in healing of acne and pimples.

    ALMOND OIL: Close to skin’s own sebum to provide hydration and slip for massage

    JOJOBA OIL: Liquid gold! Not actually an oil, but a liquid wax from the Jojoba bean, closest to human sebum. Wonderful lubricant and skin treatment.

    After cleansing and exfoliating, apply a small teaspoon of PHP Treatment mask to the face and neck, or include décolletage in a more extensive facial (use extra mask). May be used under the eye and brow areas. Leave on for 15 – 20 minutes for the absorbable ingredients to penetrate and hydrate skin. Remove with a moist cloth. Best used once a week. If you need a quickie mask just leave for 5-7 minutes. Benefits are still apparent.

    For additional benefits, perform a gentle facial massage whilst the mask is in place.

    Finish with a small amount of New Age Moisturiser or MiSMo Nourishing Cream.

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